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It is not a coincidence though that, local people are proud of their culinary tradition. It is based on fresh and organic ingredients and forms an excellent example of the infamous healthy Mediterranean diet. Among the top rules regarding Greek cuisine is that simplicity is everything. This is because the fresh ingredients are ultra-tasty, leaving no space for added flavors which enhance the taste. A typical meal in Zante includes a variety of starters, both hot and cold, known as meze. Travelers wishing to experience this should expect numerous small plates served in the middle of the table for sharing. Meze in Greece is seen as a way for family or friend bonding. Therefore, do share the food with your travel companions in order to feel like a local.


Eating out options

Eating out options - Zante

As mentioned earlier, Zante has a great variety of options for eating out. The most typical and common one is the one that locals prefer. Taverns are usually small establishments that operate from the morning until night, decorated in a charming traditional way and are known as the place to be for meze tasting. Taverns serve delicious typical Greek and local recipes in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Casual attire and a willingness to try multiple flavors are the two necessary elements for those who wish to eat in a tavern. Since Zakynthos is listed among the top Greek Islands, there are plenty of excellent restaurants offering an upgraded and an ultra-exclusive experience. This is the ideal option for travelers who wish to enjoy a lunch or a dinner in a graceful setting, away from the crowds. Fine restaurants in Zante serve mouth-watering flavors of both meat and fish and feature great international wine lists. Last but not least option is fish taverns or fish restaurants. These establishments are the place to be for those who wish to enjoy a fresh caught fishes and seafood. Fish restaurants can be found on the seaside making it easy to combine swimming and dining.


Food in Zante

Food in Zante

Zante, as well as every other Greek Island, can lure food enthusiasts due to the perfect variety of options and flavors that it has. In fact, food in Zante includes numerous starters and there is a possibility to finish a meal by only eating starters. Among the most common and must-try starters are the Greek salad, tzatziki which is yogurt with cucumber and garlic, taramosalata or Greek caviar spread, and a melted cheese called saganaki. In what regards the main courses, it always depends on the chosen type of establishment. For example, fine restaurants may demonstrate an exceptional a la cart menu that features some of the top flavors. In fine restaurants, travelers should expect to taste traditional Greek recipes with modern twists. In fish restaurants, Zakynthians serve freshly caught fishes and seafood that include, among others, prawns, lobsters, octopus, calamari, sardines, and mullets. In the majority of the cases, travelers are encouraged to enter the kitchen and choose the fish that they want, while double-checking its freshness. In case there is a doubt moment, the well-trained and experienced staff in these establishments is willing to assist by proposing some of the top options on the menu.


Zante’s wine

wine - Zante

Greece, in general, can be characterized as a massive vineyard, as wine is produced almost everywhere and Zante is not an exception. The Island of Zakynthos has the ideal microclimatic conditions with sunshine and low rainfall, allowing the cultivation of high-quality grapes. Travelers who wish to immerse themselves into eating our experience should definitely get the opportunity to taste some of the wine varieties that are produced on the Island. Local wines are served in almost every type of restaurant and can be combined with both, fish and meat. For those who wish to enjoy an upgraded and lofty experience, Zante has a lot of wineries and vineyards that offer wine tasting sessions during which lunch or dinner is served within their premises.


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