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Seawalker Original

Seawalker Original - Sanur

The Seawalker Original, based out of Sanur, is a wonderful opportunity for all ages. You will be fully equipped with a diving helmet with a transparent face, so you can clearly see your surroundings. Wearing the helmet you will be able to walk along the seafloor comfortably and become one with nature. While you walk on the bottom of the ocean, tropical fish swim all around you and you can interact with them.


Sindhu Market

sindu-market-2 - Sanur

The Sindu Market is a market where you will find a huge assortment of food stalls. Locals and visitors go to the market to get inexpensive food. Some known chefs come to the market and set up a stall to offer you their homemade creations at a reduced cost. You can find all kinds of street food here including satay, duck egg, skewers, murabak, pancakes and nasi goreng. The prices are so reasonable that you will want to be hungry when you arrive!


Sanur Beach

sanur beach

Home of the Bali Kite Festival, Sanur Beach is one of the most popular attractions in Sanur. The beach is clean and well kept, and there is lots of room to set up a spot to enjoy the day at the beach. The area is lined with cafes, seafood huts and restaurants for when you get hungry, and there are a few spas in the area that offer low pricing on massages. If you are looking for something romantic to do, watch the sunset at the beach and then take a walk along the promenade.


Bali Sharks

bali sharks - Sanur

The Serangan Shark Island Project is a place you won’t want to miss. This nature conservation initiative works together to save white tip reef sharks and black tip reef sharks. Take a tour through the conservation and see the many shark pups that are there. If you want to opt-in for swimming with the shark pups or snorkeling with them, you can do that here too! During the tour, you will also have the opportunity to check out the turtle hatchery and the garden aquarium.


Big Garden Corner

Big Garden Corner - Sanur

The Big Garden Corner in Sanur is a family-friendly destination that won’t disappoint. The garden itself is made of statues which are placed along a pathway and throughout the grounds. There are also beautiful flowers and plants growing around the statues. The grounds also include a swimming pool and a play area for kids. The restaurant located inside the Big Garden Corner serves both Asian and European cuisines and is known for the tasty dishes.


Holy Spring Water Temple (Pura Tirta Empul)

Holy Spring Water Temple (Pura Tirta Empul)

One of Ubud’s most visited points of interest is the Pura Tirta Empul. It is a temple in Sanur. Here you have the opportunity to experience the true Balinese culture. You are welcome to take part in the water fountains blessings and you may sit in the pools of holy water. Locals travel to the Hindu temple daily for their blessings. At the temple you will find 13 water fountains and each one of them represents a sin you will be purified of and you will receive a blessing.



Snorkeling - Sanur

Sanur is a great place to go snorkeling. The water runs a little cooler than other parts of Bali, and it is very clean. The water is also shallow and has a coral reef that attracts much fish including, Puffer Fish, Parrot Fish and much other tropical fish. You can snorkel right off the beach in some area’s, or you could join one of the snorkeling tours that will take you out into the water where you can see more marine life.


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