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Navagio beach

Navagio beach - Zante

The most interesting fact about the Greek Islands is that sights usually include beaches as well. In Zante, travelers will not follow the ordinary and sometimes boring sightseeing tour but, they will visit some of the most outstanding and breath-taking spots of the Island. Navagio or Shipwreck beach is arguably one of the most significant and famous sights of the Island and can be found on the west coast. This particular beach is accessible only via the sea and features the shades of azure with white sand. Imposing white cliffs surround this beautiful bay creating a flawless dramatic backdrop. The beach was named after a shipwreck that washed up on the shores in 1980. Today, visitors can observe the shipwreck rising from the sands and creating a truly spectacular setting. Visiting Navagio beach is one of the must-do activities not to be missed.


Zante town

Zante town

The list with the top sights in Zante that worth to be visited, also includes Zante’s capital town. The town can be found on the east coast and has its own unique charm and elegance. The town’s characteristic architectural style includes some beautiful features that can be found on neoclassical buildings. However, it has to be noted that, due to an earthquake, many of these buildings were demolished. Strolling around the paved narrow streets of the town will be a great opportunity to observe some picturesque squares and interact with the locals. The capital town has a variety of shops, fine restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife for those who wish to experience the town for a whole day. Sightseeing in Zakynthos’ capital town includes the infamous church of Agios Dionysios which is the patron saint of the Island. Inside, visitors can observe the relics of the saint and admire its size and structure. For a more idyllic experience, travelers can reach the Bohali village where the Venetian Castle is and enjoy spectacular views over the town.


Byzantine Museum

Byzantine museum - Zante

The Byzantine museum can be found in the central square of the Island’s capital town and forms one of the top sights to explore while in Zakynthos. The museum’s collection includes religious icons, frescoes, and sculptures that were found on the Island’s monasteries and churches. These particular exhibits trace their origins back on the 12th century. In addition, the collection also features some Byzantine icons that are carved into wood and some oil paintings from the 18th century. Visiting the Byzantine museum is an experience not to be missed as visitors can understand and receive information regarding the Island’s religious history.


Roma mansion

Roma mansion - Zante

An earthquake that took place in 1953, has a disastrous impact on the great majority of the buildings that were forming the capital town of Zakynthos. One of the few surviving structures is the Roma mansion that was constructed during the 1660s. The mansion was owned by the Roma family, a notable family of the local society back then. In 2007, the family decided to renovate this beautiful house and transformed it into a museum open to the public. Since then, the mansion receives thousands of visitors who wish to observe and understand the lifestyle of the local aristocrats who lived there in the previous centuries. The collection includes furniture, paintings, books and items of everyday life.


Zakynthos National Marine Park

Zakynthos National Marine Park - Zante

In a short distance from the capital town of the Island, visitors can explore one of the top sights of unparallel natural beauty that Zante has. Laganas beach can be found on the southeast coast of the Island and constitutes one of the most beautiful bays due to its wide size and wild natural beauty. Laganas is a famous tourist resort since the 1980s and combines everything a traveler might need for pleasurable and fun holidays. However, what makes this area special is that loggerhead turtles live there and lay their eggs in the sand. The area where the turtles are is protected under the Zakynthos National Marine Park and during the nesting season, access to some parts of the beach is restricted or limited. According to the official data, 1300 turtles live there and the ideal conditions of the area enable a smooth nesting process. Inside the park, there is an exhibition center where visitors are able to receive interesting information regarding the turtles and the protected area.


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