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If you are looking for a mall, or an area to spend time in while shopping, here are the 3 most popular places to check out:


1. Seminyak Square

Seminyak Square

The shopping complex has a hotel, several restaurants to choose from, and lots of shops to browse through. Throughout the square, you will be surrounded by gardens with plenty of places to sit down and enjoy the scenery.

You can enjoy the smell of freshly brewed coffee as you walk through the square. You’ll find name brands, local art, body and skin products, clothing and accessories.

Seminyak Square is a popular place for people to visit because there are lots to do. There is often events and live music that the whole family can enjoy, and they put a lot of work into decorating during holidays.


2. Seminyak Village


There is more than just shopping at Seminyak Village. You will find well-known designer stores, gift shops, lots of Balinese cultural stores, a market, jewelry, restaurants and much more. There is even a wonderful spa in the village.

The shopping center hosts festivals, art lessons, wine tasting and has lots of activities for all ages. They have a handcrafted market where people can find local vendors selling the products they create.

The area is so big, and there is so much to do, you will find buggy driving people from one area to the next. Jump on a buggy and go for a ride around the shopping center to see all the excitement.


3. Jalan Raya

Jalan Raya - Seminyak

The main shopping street in Seminyak is known as Jalan Raya. There is so much to see here! There are a few temples in the area, and several stores, along with stalls lining the roads with all different kinds of venders.

Venders sell beautifully designed items of clothing, exotic jewelry, beads, plenty of art galleries and plenty of cafes and restaurants. As you near the end of the shopping street, you will find stores to supply you with everything you would need at home, including decor.

If you are looking for tropical beachwear, Jalan Raya has what you need. From local to international designers, ranging in price, you will find swimwear, sunglasses, hats, and much more.

There is no shortage of shopping in Seminyak. Around the beach area, you will find lots of stores and galleries open throughout the day time, and into the early evening.


What to Buy In Seminyak, Bali

What to Buy In Seminyak, Bali

There are many local designers, high-end designers and designer stores from Australia and other parts of the world. One thing you can count on is the huge assortment of beachwear. Not only will you find every color and style you could wish for, but you will also easily find something that fits your budget. Beach cover-ups, towels, sand toys and all the beach essentials you could want can be found in the shops in town and close to the beach area.

Silver jewelry that is made in Bali is known for the unique style and craftsmanship. Jewelry stores and venders make timeless pieces that can be worn for many years. There are many options with semi-precious stones which range in price, along with the option for precious stones. The harmony ball or the Gamelan ball is a silver handcrafted ball that is worn by many locals. The ball is often purchased as a gift for women in Bali when she becomes pregnant, as the ball makes a soothing, humming noise when it shakes. This is known to keep both the mother and the baby in a calm state during the pregnancy.

The Balinese art culture is thriving and it comes in many different forms. Wood carvings are one of the most popular souvenirs to bring back home. Ceramics art is also very popular, and you will find plenty of pottery studios which make stunning pieces. Barong masks used to be used for the sole purpose of spiritual rituals in the temples. These hand-carved wooden masks are now made and sold as art.

Many companies in Bali aim to protect the environment and have only Eco-friendly products. Eco skincare, cosmetics, and body products are made and sold in Bali. There are many locally-owned beauty stores in Seminyak that only carry Eco-friendly products to make shopping easy. You can also find Eco-friendly home decor, clothing, shoes and much more.

Fabrics made in Bali can be found at a few shops in Seminyak. Many designers travel to the area to buy the brightly colored and beautifully designed patterns the fabric comes in. The prices are generally less here than purchasing it from Australia, New Zealand of Europe. If you aren’t a designer but you see a pattern you fall in love with, buy a few yards and have it made into clothing by a seamstress when you get home.


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