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Zakynthos or Zante is one of those breath-taking Ionian Islands that are known for their exotic landscapes and their dramatic landscapes. However, the interesting highlight about this beach is not only its unparallel natural beauty but, in fact, its story. In this case, the story is highly associated with international crime and chasing on the high seas. Navagio beach fascinates millions of visitors from all over the world due to its beauty and its mystery.

Navagio beach is also known as the Shipwreck beach or the Smugglers Cove and constitutes probably the most famous and notable sights in Zante. In reality, Navagio is also one of the most famous beaches in Greece and one of the most photographed bays in the whole Mediterranean region. It is often featured in holiday campaigns and travel books due to its undeniable beauty and its exotic setting. In short, there is not a possible way that a traveler will not get the chance to visit Navagio beach while in Zante.


The story

The story - Zante

As mentioned earlier, the location is also known as the Smuggles Cove as, in 1983, it became a ship graveyard when a vessel called Panagiotis crashed and left at the shores. Since then, a lot of conspiracy theories came up and up until today the details are not fully known. With this respect, there is one theory that is the most commonly accepted and is being told by the locals. According to the facts and the reports, the vessel Panagiotis was a smuggling ship that contained illegal and unauthorized cigarettes and alcohol. Some other reports claim that the vessel was also used for human trafficking activities. The products were to be transported, probably, to the nearby Italian coasts.

In 1983, Greek authorities managed to trace the ship’s route and immediately sent the navy for a chase in the sea. During the chase, weather conditions were extremely bad and the ship was directed into the cove where ran aground. Since then, the ship sits on the shore and looks like it is rising from the white sandy terrain of the bay. As a result of its exposure to the weather conditions, the hulk is gradually falling apart.

Navagio beach and the hulk gradually became one of the top attractions in the Island. What was really magnetizing the travelers was not only the unspoiled and exceptional setting of the beach but also the siren song of the shipwreck. The abandon ship became a worldwide pole of attraction for mystery-chasers, photographers and travelers who wish to experience the unexpected. An interesting highlight is that Navagio beach was featured in a Korean drama movie, leading thousands of Chinese and Korean people to visit Zante.


Visiting the beach

Visiting the beach - Zante

Visiting Navagio beach is a must as the bay is listed as the top sight in Zante. For those who are interested in exploring the beauty of the beach, the only possible way to do it is via a ferry boat. Navagio beach is accessible only via the sea and there are multiple daily boat trips or private chartering options, especially during the high season between April and October. The ferry boats depart from different parts of Zante enabling visitors to participate irrespective of their accommodation area. Those who are interested in visiting the beach should be aware that the best time to do so is early in the morning. This is because, the beach receives masses of tourists during the day time, making it difficult to enjoy the setting. Early in the morning is also the perfect timing for those who wish to proceed with an intense photo shooting of the ship and of the bay in general.

In any other case, if you wish to avoid the boat trip and get away from the masses, there is a viewing platform at a nearby village. The viewing point is located at Anafonitria village and rises at an altitude of 200m from the shipwreck, while it is surrounded by the majestic and imposing limestone cliffs. From there, travelers are able to enjoy spectacular panoramic views over the beach, observe the shipwreck rising from the sand and admire the beauty of nature. A viewing platform is a preferable option for photographers and for couples who wish to experience romance.


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