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More precisely, due to its size, Zante is able to satisfy all interests and meet every expectation, even the high-end ones. While in Zante, travelers can experience and enjoy numerous exciting, informative and relaxing activities, except for the refreshing swimming sessions. In this article, some of the best things to do in Zante are presented to help you enjoy the most of your vacations.


Visit the Venetian Fortress

Visit the Venetian Fortress - Zante

The list with the best things to do in Zante includes a visit to the Island’s Venetian fortress. As in the majority of Greek Islands, Zakynthos was protected by a fortress as invaders and pirates were a common phenomenon during antiquity. The fortress was constructed during the time Zante was under the Venetian rule and is situated at the area where the ancient Acropolis used to be. Since then, the fortress went through multiple reconstructions as severe earthquakes hit it. Inside the fortress, visitors can observe other interesting and notable structures. Among others, inside the fortress, visitors will see the Venetian prisons, the English military barracks, and the gunpowder buildings. Visiting the fortress will be an exceptional opportunity to learn some exciting facts about Zante’s history and admire the architectural design of old centuries.


Explore the Solomos Museum

Explore the Solomos Museum - Zante

One of the most interesting things to do in Zante is to visit a museum that is dedicated to the National Greek Poet, Dionysios Solomos. The poet was born and raised in Zante and the museum opened its doors during 1966. Inside the museum, visitors can observe the graves of Solomos and Kalvos, another famous poet that was born in Zante. In addition, the collection of exhibits includes portraits, books, manuscripts and objects of everyday life that Dionisios Solomos used.


Admire Agios Dionysios church

Admire Agios Dionysios church - Zante

Even in case you wish to avoid sightseeing, there is not a possible way that you will not visit the infamous church of Agios Dionysios. The church is located in the heart of the Island and Agios Dionysios is perceived as the official patron saint of Zante. The establishment itself is a great example of religious architectural design and visitors admire its size and beauty. What makes this church truly unique is the fact that inside visitors can see preserved relics of the saint. Moreover, the church is home to a museum that is dedicated to presenting samples of the Christian Orthodox religion.


Revitalize your senses at Laganas

Laganas - Zante

Visiting the area of Laganas is among the top things to do in Zante. The area forms one of the most famous beaches and its close proximity from the city center, just a few kilometers away, makes this spot a must-visit location. The beautiful Laganas beach is famous for being the place where sea turtles leave their eggs and are characterized as a protected area. Laganas beach is also known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere as multiple bars, fine restaurants, and luxurious hotels can be found there. Private yachts can be chartered from Laganas for those who wish to explore the nearby bays and swim into the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea.


Enjoy imposing views from Keri Lighthouse

keri lighthouse

The list with the best things to do while in Zakynthos also includes a visit at Keri Lighthouse. It can be found at a village 20km away from the capital town of Zante and is the perfect spot for unlimited romance and imposing views. The lighthouse was built in 1925 and stands gracefully on the edge of a cliff. Visitors are thrilled by the location as the point where the lighthouse is offered extraordinary views over the sea. Keri lighthouse is also an exceptional location for romantic sunsets and for those who wish to enjoy the wild beauty of an unspoiled natural setting.


Visit Navagio beach

Navagio beach - Zante

Navagio beach forms one of the most known spots in Zante and one of the most photographed seaside locations in the whole Mediterranean region. The beach is accessible only via the sea and upon arrival, visitors are amazed by the turquoise waters and the white sand. Navagio beach is surrounded by imposing white cliffs that create a spectacular backdrop against the sea. The beach was named after a shipwreck that took place there in 1982 and visitors can see a ship rising majestically from the sands. The exceptional atmosphere that the shipwreck creates and the impeccable beauty of the beach, attract visitors from all over the world. It has to be noted that, Navagio beach can also be observed from above as the surrounding cliffs are the perfect viewpoints.


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