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Zanzibar is an autonomous part of an archipelago of islands that form Tanzania. Unguja and Pemba are two other famous islands in Tanzania, with Unguja being a part of Zanzibar. The beaches over here are glorious as well. The sand is powdery white, and the waters from the Indian Ocean are warm.

Let us take a look at a few of the prime tips for first-time visitors to Zanzibar:


1. Go through the stone town

Go through the stone town Zanzibar

One must make it a point to go through the stone town when in Zanzibar. It is best discovered on foot. Keep a morning or an afternoon reserved for it and explore it on foot. You will come across narrow streets and vibes of the old world.

You may get lost over time, but there is no need to worry. Keep shopping and making the best of the time at the stores of typical and exotic handicrafts. Over your itinerary, take your time to explore architectural marvels such as an old cathedral, the clock tower, and an old fort or take a guided tour to them over the next day.

If the local markets delight you, you must visit the Darajani Market. The shops have tarps towards the outside and a dimly lit inside. They sell vegetables, fruits, spices, fish and meat. The number of tourists over here is few, but the authentic market experience is obtained.

The other markets around include the plastic market. The Darajani is the best place to visit for the finest local shopping experience. It is also at the edge of the center for the historic city.

The night food market is another experience that one must not miss out upon when in Zanzibar. The best hours to visit the place is when the sun sets at the waterfront.

Over here one comes across must-visit local restaurants. The local food is delicious! Try seafood, pancakes, and pastries.

The chefs very often are a delight in explaining the options available to the visitors. They tell tourists about all the fishes they have on the menu to select the choice that best meets your preferences.

Stall menus are pretty much similar to restaurant menus, with a few changes in recipes. Trying out the same dish twice will yield an insight over recipes.

While the food tastes great, it is pretty much affordable as well. If you visit the market on foot, you can try something at various stalls.


2. Cherish the spices

Cherish the spices Zanzibar

When in Zanzibar, do not miss a spice tour, which is an overall delicious experience and you will have the opportunity visiting the farms that are located towards the community of Kdichi and learn a great deal of stuff about spices, cooking, and recipes. Lemongrass, cloves, and pepper, all spices are discussed in detail.

A few of the spices, such as the gin and tonic tree, are used for creating natural medications. It is done by boiling the barks.

A tourist may also choose to try out the traditional Swahili meal, which is made from spiced up rice, bananas, potatoes, and chicken. This is served with masala, which is the sauce. For dessert, one gets to have fresh fruits from trees.

Shopping at the farms is fun as well. Do not forget to purchase locally made soaps and spices, which have a souvenir value as well, as gifts for loved ones back home.


3. Enjoy being at the beaches

Enjoy being at the beaches Zanzibar

White sand beaches are found at every coast in Zanzibar and are must-visit spots. The best of the coasts are towards the north and east of Zanzibar. Gentle sands and sea relax the mind.

The town of Kendwa is a resort area. It lies towards the north coast and is a fine spot for relaxation and recreation. Several watersports can be enjoyed over here, and the choices at a tourist’s disposal include snorkeling, kayaking, party boats, and a typical beach market that features local artists. The sunsets over here are astounding. The sun sets right behind the sailboats and is a sight to behold. It is best to spend at least four days in Zanzibar.


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