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Zakynthos is worldwide known for one particular beach, the infamous Navagio or Shipwreck beach. However, there are plenty of beaches around the Island that can satisfy almost every need. From isolated to crowded, and from shallow to open water, this article includes some of Zante’s top beaches that worth a place in your vacation’s checklist.


Navagio Beach (Shipwreck)

Navagio Zante

One of the most famous sites in Zakynthos is a beach called Navagio or Shipwreck. This particular beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the whole Mediterranean region due to its azure waters and the dramatic scenery with imposing cliffs that surround the beach. The beach is also famous for hosting an old shipwreck. The boat looks like it rises from the sand creating an atmospheric and imposing setting. Upon arrival, visitors find themselves in a truly unique bay that is only accessible via the sea. The golden sand is perfectly paired with the blue shades of the sea, allowing visitors to enjoy their time there at a maximum level and to snap some extraordinary photos. As the spot is not accessible from a road, there are multiple ferry boats offering cruises there. Navagio beach is also a well-known spot for yacht anchoring due to its outstanding beauty. For those who wish to avoid the boat excursion, Navagio beach can be observed from above as well. The surrounding cliffs form the perfect viewpoint for panoramic observation.


Kalamaki Beach

kalamaki beach Zante

In a short distance from the capital town of Zakynthos, travelers can reach Kalamaki Beach. The bay is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a more relaxing and laid-back setting. The beach is partially organized with few sunbeds and umbrellas that enable visitors to enjoy their time there in a more comfortable way. At Kalamaki Beach, multiple restaurants are offering exceptional dining options and various bars where you can enjoy refreshing drinks until sunset time. An exciting highlight is that opposite the beach, there is a wooden bridge that connects Cameo Island that has a cafeteria a small shallow beach. The landscape is truly spectacular there, especially during the night when there is a perfect romantic atmosphere.


Makris Yialos Beach

Makris Yialos Beach Zante

For those travelers who claim to be nature lovers or for those who wish to explore a more unspoiled setting, Makris Yialos Beach is definitely an option. Located 40 minutes away from the capital town of Zante, Makris Yialos captures visitors’ attention with its unparallel beauty. It has to be noted that this particular beach has deep waters with high visibility. These two factors make this beach one of the greatest diving spots on the Island. The bay has a mixture of sand and fine pebbles, while the surrounding area features many natural caves ideal for exploration. Restaurants and cafeterias can be found there for those who are interested in spending their day in the area and relaxing in a quiet and peaceful spot.


Marathonisi Beach

marathonisi Zante

One of the most beautiful and interesting beaches in Zante is called Marathonisi Beach. What makes this bay spectacular is that it has a turtle shape and features two different beaches on each side. Marathonisi is accessible only via the sea and is listed among the National Marine Parks of the Island as it forms a spot where turtles lay their eggs. The surrounding area provides the ideal backdrop for relaxation and tranquillity. Olive trees, oaks, and many other flowers and bushes make the area to look like a heaven on earth. In what regards the beaches, the one that can be found on the back side is the ideal spot for nature lovers. Deep waters and lush vegetation are among the bay’s main characteristics.


Agios Nikolas Beach

Agios Nikolas Beach Zante

Agios Nikolas Beach is a bay that has everything you need in order to spend a joyful day there. In fact, Agios Nikolas is a small picturesque bay known for its brown-color sand and its open waters. Right next to the beach, visitors can observe and visit the small chapel of Agios Nikolas, while beach bars along the bay offer the necessary amenities needed. Agios Nikolas Beach is also the place to be for those who wish to experience some adrenaline boosts. Snorkeling activities and water sports are available to visitors who seek some more excitement and adventure. The beach has a flawless cosmopolitan atmosphere and is a preferable option for couples, youngsters and families.


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