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More precisely, the Island is known for serving high-quality agricultural products such as vegetables and cheeses, and freshly caught fishes. Minimalism in taste is one of the main characteristics of the recipes as the freshness of the ingredients provides the basis for the flavor. As in every other part of the country, eating out in Lefkada is all about the meze ritual; sharing multiple small plates with your friends and family, a process ideal for bonding.

Travelers can spend their time and enjoy their delicious meal at a variety of seaside establishments, making it easy to combine swimming and dining. In addition, for those who wish to get away from the crowds, Lefkada has a variety of mountainous restaurants that are ready to pamper the customers’ needs. However, travelers should be aware that there is a vast variety of options for eating out in Lefkada and Greece in general. Based on those mentioned above, it has to be noted that islanders choose the most suitable place to eat out based on the food they wish to eat and the time of the day. The variety of restaurants is also due to the influences that the traditional cuisine received and integrated. Therefore, travelers who wish to experience eating out in Lefkada should be able to choose clearly from the variety of available establishments.

Types of establishments

Types of establishments Lefkada

Lefkada demonstrates a variety of eating out establishments to choose from depending on what type of recipes you wish to try, the vibes you wish to receive and the time of the day that you want to visit them. One of the most common establishments is called Estiatorio. In fact, this type captures the broader meaning of a restaurant that has a wide selection of available dishes and a fine wine list. These establishments are mainly open during lunch and dinner time. Well-trained staff and experienced chefs will offer you a truly unique gastronomic experience with traditional and modern recipes. Apart from that, there is another popular option for eating out, which is the fish restaurant or Psarotaverna as it known in the Greek language. These particular establishments are heaven on earth for those travelers who wish to taste and enjoy the freshly caught fishes and seafood of the Ionian Sea. With elegant settings, rich wine lists and exceptional service, fish restaurants are must-visit options when eating out in Lefkada.

Where to eat Lefkada

Snack bars and beach bars in Lefkada are the places to be when wishing to enjoy quick and easy food. There, you can enjoy both, savory and sweet options usually during the afternoon or if you are planning to spend your day at the beach. In what regards beach bars, it has to be noted that, some of them serve sophisticated flavors and upgraded recipes and in this case, quick food is not an option. For street food enthusiasts, Lefkada has a variety of establishments where travelers can enjoy Greece’s most popular food option, souvlaki. Establishments that serve the infamous souvlaki are called souvlatzidika and there is no possible way that a traveler will not visit one while in Lefkada. They are open from the morning time until late in the night and serve speared kebabs or gyros in various forms and with a wide selection of ingredients.

Snack bars and beach bars Lefkada

Last but not least are the traditional taverns and the ouzeri. These are the places where you can observe the authentic lifestyle of the locals and their culinary traditions. Both of them serve exceptionally tasty recipes in a less fancy way. In taverns, the most common way to enjoy food is by sharing. In reality, food is not having the ordinary form of a portion as the quantity is less. The applicable rule is that visitors should explore the locals’ tradition by ordering numerous small plates called meze, which can be either seafood meze or meat meze. Taverns are open all day long as their informal atmosphere allows people to enjoy the food at every time of the day.


Where to eat

taverns and ouzeri Lefkada

Nidri as one of the most popular resorts on the Island has a vast variety for eating out. There, Toms seaside restaurant is one of the most preferable options as the menu includes several traditional recipes with some modern twists. In the nearby area, travelers are able to explore the gastronomic journey that Maistrali restaurant offers. The local recipes and the low prices are some of the factors influencing the restaurant’s popularity. In what regards Sivota resort, travelers will be delighted to visit Ionion Taverna. The design of this establishment demonstrates the simplicity and the minimalism of a Greek Island. The tavern is specializing in offering freshly made and tasty fish and seafood. In the broader area of Vasiliki, Stelios restaurant is one of the most popular options. It is situated close to the beach and gets crowded during the afternoon as it offers spectacular sunsets from a spacious terrace. The list can be endless but the choice is always left to travelers. Lefkada has for sure what it takes to make you fall in love with the local cuisine.


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Where to eat Lefkada