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The island showcases an interesting combination of historical and archaeological sites, along with places of unparalleled natural beauty. Holidays in Lefkada can immerse travelers into an endless exploration of culture, history, and nature like no other. For those who are still planning, here are some of Lefkada’s top sights that should be included in the holiday’s checklist.


The Castle of Agia Mavra

The Castle of Agia Mavra Lefkada

The Island of Lefkada was conquered and occupied by the French during 1294 and was offered as a gift to John the Count of Orsini. During the next few years, the Count started to gradually construct a Castle that would also serve as a fortification. The Castle stands gracefully until today at an area close to Chora and forms an excellent example of medieval architecture. Since the 14th century, when the castle was built, and up until today, the castle went through several renovations in order to be preserved and maintained through the ages. This is why nowadays the castle still looks well-preserved. An interesting highlight is that the Castle of Agia Mavra hosts several cultural events within its premises during the summer season. The charming medieval charm and the excellent architectural design of the castle form the ideal background for concerts, theatres and art collections.


Dimosari Waterfalls

Dimosari Waterfalls Lefkada

Lefkada is better characterized by its lush vegetation that can be found in several mountains throughout the Island. The exceptional natural beauty of Lefkada’s mountains can be explained by the abundant storage of underground water. Hiking is one of the best available activities by which travelers can observe and admire the natural setting while on holidays. One of the most exciting features is that these imposing mountains host several spectacular waterfalls whose waters are ending up splashing into the beautiful bays of the island. Dimosari waterfall is listed among the top sights in Lefkada and can be found in the broader area of Nydri. For those who wish to enjoy some time in a natural setting and enjoy a serene and revitalizing atmosphere this location is the perfect option. Splashing emerald waters and imposing mountains offer the ideal backdrop for imposing photos. Moreover, the setting offers a truly exceptional opportunity to swim into refreshing and cool waters away from the crowds. In the nearby area, visitors can find some authentic and traditional taverns in the village of Nydri for an enhanced and pleasurable excursion.


The Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni

The Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni Lefkada

Among the top sights in Lefkada, there is one particular that is characterized as the most important in terms of religion. The Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni can be found on a mountain above Chora and overlooks the village as well as, the north side of the Island. Panagia Faneromeni considers to be the protector of the Island and for this reason, locals are proud of the monastery and its importance as a place of worship. The monastery has a long history that traces its origins back in 1634. Initially, it was constructed next to an ancient temple and hosted the students of Apostle Paul when they were preaching Christianity. A renovation took place during the 18th century and due to a couple of fires, it was again renovated during the 19th century. Nowadays, visitors are able to observe the structure and feel the serene atmosphere of this sight. In addition, within the monastery’s premises, there is an ecclesiastical museum with Byzantine icons and old manuscripts.


The Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum Lefkada

Located in the Town of Lefkada, the archaeological museum is one of the top sights that travelers are able to visit while on holidays there. It is hosted in the complex of the Island’s cultural center in a newly-constructed building. Within the museum’s four rooms, visitors are able to observe a large collection of exhibits from the Palaeolithic era until the Roman period. More precisely, the first room includes items of everyday life that people were using during previous centuries such as musical instruments and farming equipment. The second room exhibits a collection of coins that were found in Lefkada. The third room of the museum includes some tomb monuments and items that were found in ancient cemeteries. The last of the rooms includes a collection that is dedicated in Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods.


The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Lefkada

Situated in Cape Ducato, in the southernmost part of Lefkada, this charming lighthouse is another interesting sight to explore. Reaching the lighthouse can be a difficult task as it includes a combination of driving into an unpaved road with multiple rocks. However, the route is definitely worthy upon reaching the lighthouse. The views are breath-taking and the relaxing atmosphere will enhance your senses. From the lighthouse, visitors are able to observe the endless blue colour of the sea as well as the beautiful coasts of Ithaca and Kefalonia Islands. It has to be noted that, the area is a preferable spot of scuba diving and fishing enthusiasts.


The church of Agios Ioannis Antzoussis

The church of Agios Ioannis Antzoussis Lefkada

For those who are in search of a truly spectacular sight, then this particular church is definitely among the top options. Agios Ioannis Antzoussis is a small charming chapel that is built in a rock just above the beach. What makes this sightseeing to be listed as one of the tops is that it forms the oldest church in the Island of Lefkada as it was constructed during the 16th century when the Island was under the Franks’ occupation. Visitors are able to observe a unique stone roof and an old bell. In addition, this church was the preaching site of Apostle Paul during the early years of Christianity. Inside, visitors are also able to observe some interesting Byzantine icons and admire the mystic atmosphere of the church.


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