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Despite the increased popularity that the Island enjoys during recent years, local people achieved to maintain the culinary tradition and upgrade it with some modern twists. In fact, the Island has a long history in claiming its economic independence from the mainland, leading towards a model of self-sufficient agricultural production since the 1960s. This production has always been characterized by excellent quality and rich taste. More specifically, Lefkada is known, among others, for its olive oil, thyme honey, citrus and wine. In general, it can be said that food options in Lefkada are heavily influenced by the Venetian gastronomy and not by the classic model of Mediterranean cuisine. One of the most peculiar and interesting highlights is that each village in Lefkada has different culinary traditions and different recipes.


The Island’s specialties

When visiting Lefkada, there are some standard food options to try in order to get engage with the local tradition and the local’s lifestyle. Among the must-try options are the spicy sausages and the local salamis. The island’s inhabitants are proud of their meat production and trying these specialties is an inevitable course. Travelers are able to find these all over the Island, in fine restaurants and traditional taverns. Spicy sausages and salamis can be the perfect option to accompany an afternoon drink or a glass of high-quality wine.

spicy sausages and the local salamis Lefkada

For the fish and seafood enthusiasts, Lefkada is also known as the place to be. The Island’s surrounding sea demonstrates a vast variety of fishes and seafood. Around the Island, there are several fishermen villages where travelers are able to enjoy freshly caught and tasty fishes. Savoro is one of the Island’s most known specialties and is listed among the recipes that one must try while in Lefkada. In fact, it is freshly caught fish that is cooked with garlic, onions and rosemary. The outstanding aroma and the intense flavor of this recipe will make you fall in love with the delicious culinary tradition of the Island.

madolato Lefkada

Lefkada demonstrates its own pastries as well, with multiple options of desserts and pies. Madolato is one of the most common sweets that travelers are able to taste while in Lefkada. This particular treat was introduced to the Island during the Venetian era as it used to be the dessert for the aristocrats back then. Madolato is made from honey, almonds and meringue, and can be found in almost every shop in Lefkada. In what regards the pies, one of the most must-try options, is the infamous Ladopita; a pie that has olive oil as the main ingredient. It can be found in bakeries around the Island and its rich oily taste creates a unique and mouth-watering outcome.



Lentils Lefkada

There is not a possible way that a traveler will not get the opportunity to taste the infamous Egklouvi lentils while in Lefkada. Lentils, except for being a must-try food, are also a common option for a souvenir as many choose to take them back home as a great memory. They grow in a mountainous village called Egklouvi and have significant importance for the Island’s tradition and for the local’s lifestyle. The traditional Lefkadian recipe that is usually served in restaurants includes lentils, garlic and olive oil and oregano. Every year, the locals organize the annual lentil festival which is a great opportunity to taste and learn some interesting facts about this product.



honey Lefkada

The Island of Lefkada has its own production of honey that is mainly made from thyme and produced in the south-western villages of the Island. Due to the ideal weather conditions and the perfect natural setting, the honey has an intense aroma and rich taste which makes it special. Honey forms one of the basic ingredients for Lefkadian desserts and has a special place in every household. For those who wish to taste it, every year there is a honey festival during which visitors are able to taste pieces of the honeycombs, the traditional Ladopita with honey and many other local delicacies. Alternatively, honey can be found in almost every shop and market on the Island.


Lathiria (Lathouria – field beans)

lathouria original Lefkada

The list with the must-try food options in Lefkada, could not exclude the Lathouria or split peas. In fact, lathouria are seeds from the plant that makes “Fava”, a very common Greek food, which is actually yellow split peas puree. The exceptional and mouth-watering taste of this puree is something that fascinates every visitor. It is usually served with olive oil and oregano. However, restaurants often serve lathouria in multiple ways as it one of the most common ingredients in Lefkada.


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