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In general, the island is an ideal destination for all, as it perfectly combines multiple things to do for pleasurable and enjoyable moments. Nature lovers, adrenaline seekers, and beach enthusiasts can find a vast variety of things to do while vacationing on this beautiful island. In this article, there are some of the best things to do while in Lefkada that will help you enhance and upgrade your experience.


Visit the Castle of Agia Mavra

Castle of Agia Mavra Lefkada

For those who are interested in sightseeing, the castle of Agia Mavra is one of the top options to starts with. The castle forms a great example of medieval architecture as it was constructed during the 14th century. Back then, the Island of Lefkada was under the occupation of Franks who wanted to construct a castle in order to fortify the area. Throughout the ages, the castle underwent through several renovations and nowadays stands imposingly and is ready to unfold its secrets. Inside, visitors are able to receive some more information about the history and the importance of the castle and visit a charming church.


Relax on the beach

Relax on the beach Lefkada

If there is one thing that visitors are expecting when visiting Lefkada, this is definitely the ultimate beach experience. The island has some of the most known and beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean region. Among the top options are Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Kathisma and Nidri. In addition to the popular beaches, the island’s geological formation allowed the creation of secluded beaches that are accessible only by boat. Relax on the beach while enjoying the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the setting is definitely one of the best things to do while in Lefkada. Irrespective of the beach, travelers will be able to enjoy crystal clear turquoise waters and dramatic cliffs with lush vegetation that surround the bays in a unique and graceful manner.


Visit the Dimosari Waterfalls

Visit the Dimosari Waterfalls Lefkada

The abundance of underground water storage allows Lefkada to be listed among the greenest islands in Greece. The island has several mountains full of trees which are ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities. However, there is one particular location that is among the most beautiful spots due to its unparalleled natural beauty. Dimosari Waterfalls is a must option, not only for nature lovers but also, for those travelers who wish to immerse themselves into the true beauty of Lefkada. The waterfall is surrounded by imposing rocky formations and rich flora that create a splendid and tranquil backdrop. The emerald waters are splashing into the waterfall’s lake and invite visitors to enjoy a refreshing swimming session like no other. The most interesting feature is that the waters are ending up into a beautiful gorge. Specially designed signs allow visitors to follow the flow and reach the ending point of the waterfall.


Stroll around Lefkada town

Stroll around Lefkada town

The Island of Lefkada has an ample elegant atmosphere and a unique charm that travelers are able to observe, feel and admire in the island’s villages. For those who wish to experience the real charm, a visit to the island’s capital is a truly unique opportunity. Strolling around the town of Lefkada will take you towards some exceptionally beautiful neoclassical buildings. These well-preserved buildings are known for having the authentic colours and the traditional architectural features of the island. The town of Lefkada has also a charming harbour and a central road and numerous charming squares where dining and entertaining options can be found. Walking around the town will also be a great chance to observe the locals and interact with them. The warmth of the people in conjunction with the beautiful town will surely make you fall in love with the island.


Water sports

Water sports Lefkada

For those travelers who wish to experience some ultra-fun and adrenaline boosting activities, Lefkada is the place to be. The intense winds that flow in the area provide the ideal setting for some water sports, such as windsurf and kitesurf. It has to be noted that, the beach of Vassiliki is listed among the best windsurf location in the European continent. In addition, the imposing and dramatic cliffs that surround the vast majority of the beaches are perfect for paragliding. This activity enables travelers to enjoy some spectacular panoramic views and admire nature at its finest. Flying above Lefkada’s beautiful landscapes will offer you long lasting memories and the necessary dose of adrenaline needed.


Wine tasting

wine Lefkada

Wine tasting is among the list with the best things to do in Lefkada. The Island has multiple vineyards and the production of wine traces its origins back in antiquity. The island’s geological formation, with steep terrain and the weather conditions, allowing higher levels of rainfall during the winter period, offer the ideal circumstances for a tasty and aromatic wine. In particular, Lefkada is known for two varieties of grapes, the white Vardea and the red Vertzami. Lefkada has three main wineries where travelers are able to immerse themselves into the island’s wine tradition. An excursion there is an ideal activity for all, as visitors are able to receive interesting information about the different varieties and stages of production. In addition, this will be an exceptional opportunity to try local products and interact with the local people.


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