The world’s top 10 cities | Traveler by Unique


Prague, Czech Republic


The city of Prague forms undeniably one of the most charming and fairytale-like cities in the European continent. Being the capital of Czech Republic, Prague is located along the Vltava River and showcases an interesting combination of charming elements that create a sense of flawless romance. Bridges, cobblestone streets and medieval castles are among the elements contributing to the city’s charm. Therefore, there is no better way to explore the city than walking. The main must-see attractions can be found in the area that forms the Old Town. Such attractions include among others, the Prague Castle and the imposing Charles Bridge. Prague is also an excellent example of a historical city with a vibrant nightlife. During the night, visitors should definitely get lost into the city’s beer gardens and taste some of the local beer labels. Alternatively, for those who wish to experience an extra sense of romance and culture, the National Theatre of Prague offers unique classical shows.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


With its recent growth and the developments that are taking place during the last decade, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates forms another top city in the world. The city is better characterized by its ample luxury, the unquestionable elegance, the spectacular landscapes and the deep-rooted traditions. It is not a coincidence that Dubai is a destination for those who wish to enjoy an extravagant setting with some added-value luxury. The city is also a great example of modern and imposing architecture as some of the world’s tallest buildings can be found there. Forming one of the wealthiest cities in the region, Dubai is like a big fun park for the world’s wealthiest people and this is definitely an attraction to see. There, travelers can visit the biggest mall on the world which is full of the world’s most luxurious brands, the only 7-star hotel in the world and enjoy the spectacular show of the biggest choreographed water fountains. Finally, Dubai offers outstanding experiences to its visitors as they can proceed with a truly memorable desert safari, to drive Formula 1 cars and ride camels in picturesque locations in the middle of the desert.


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the few cities achieving the impossible of combining all the great elements that make up a top destination. A vibrant cosmopolitan character, imposing an architectural style that is spread throughout the city, a centre of arts and design, beautiful seaside resorts, rich culinary tradition and an intense nightlife are among the major features of this city. Barcelona is an ideal year-round destination and forms a great city for all ages and interests. Among the most notable must-visit attractions are of course the infamous Sagrada Familia and the crowded avenue of La Rambla. In case there is a doubt moment, the beautiful beaches of the city are the ideal spot to relax and enjoy your holidays at its maximum. Alternatively, Barcelona forms the main port where ferries depart towards the nearby Islands. For sure the city combines everything a traveler needs for pleasurable and enjoyable holidays.


Mexico City, Mexico


Mexico City is listed in the world’s top cities due to its extraordinary capability of showcasing chaos of unparalleled beauty like no other. Indeed, Mexico City forms the world’s 7th largest city in terms of population but, authorities managed to organize this chaotic situation in such manner that almost looks like charming. From another perspective, Mexico City forms one of the region’s most important centres of culture, arts and history. With an excellent variety of museums and famous landmarks, Mexico City immerses visitors into an endless hunger for sightseeing. Another interesting highlight is that the city has more than 40,000 restaurants where travelers can enjoy the irresistible Mexican flavours. In addition, the city is home for some famous festivals such as the Dia De Los Muertos and every year thousands of tourists attend this celebration in order to experience the culture of Mexico from first-hand.


Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is a pole of attraction due to the vast differences that projects. Known also as the city of contradictions, Bangkok can be both a spiritual centre and a chaotic urban setting. The city is full of outstanding landmarks such as Buddhist Temples and Palaces where visitors can understand the country’s history, tradition and culture through the ages. For those who are not really interested in sightseeing, Bangkok has a wild nightlife like no other city in Thailand. Bars, night clubs and restaurants can offer you truly unique experiences. In what regards shopping, Bangkok is a paradise on earth. From mega-malls to street markets, visitors can immerse themselves into an exceptional shopping experience that includes local delicacies, spices, gold, clothes and many more.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

No introduction is needed when discussing Rio de Janeiro. Spectacular sandy beaches, welcoming people and an ongoing samba rhythm are some of the elements that characterize this city. The city is the proud host of the world’s biggest festival, the infamous Rio Carnival with more than one million visitors every year. Except for that, Rio has two of the world’s most known beaches, the Ipanema and the Copacabana. Both of them are must-visit attractions as they stretch for kilometers providing an excellent beach experience.

The statue of the Christ the Redeemer, which can be found on Corcovado Mountain, oversees the city like a protector and the views from the top of the mountain are truly spectacular. When visiting Rio de Janeiro, there is one thing that you must know. Locals are not only passionate about samba but, also about football. Known also as the Mecca of football, Rio has many stadiums where visitors can attend a football match. To sum up, Rio is all about passion; passion for life, passion for sports and passion in every aspect of everyday life.


Cape Town, South Africa

cape town

Cape Town is situated between the spectacular Table Mountain and the azure waters of the Table Bay. The city has an exceptional location as the generosity of Mother Nature surrounds it with brilliant flora and fauna nestling the city. Cape Town combines perfectly everything a traveler needs. From spectacular landscapes which are ideal for activities and excursions, to infamous vineyards and a vibrant nightlife. The city also has ample history for those who seek to learn more about the country’s past. Robben Island where the prison of Nelson Mandela used to be is one of the must-visit attractions. Gastronomy is also another great element, as there are many influences on the African culinary tradition that result in a mouth-watering outcome.


Paris, France


There is no possible way that the list with the world’s top 15 cities will not include Paris. The French capital, which is also known as the City of Love offers an exceptional combination of timeless elegance, outstanding culinary tradition, deep-rooted history and invaluable art. Yes, Paris has everything you ever imagine and maybe some more. Paris forms one of the most visited cities in the world and has a vast variety of sites and activities to immerse its visitors into its 2000 years of history. Among the most worldwide known monuments are the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame and the imposing museum of Louvre. A flawless sense of romance is the city’s main characteristic and it is not a coincidence that many couples spend their holidays there. The city forms the epicentre of the infamous French cuisine and visitors are impressed by the exquisite combination of fine flavours and outstanding wine lists.


New York, USA

new york

The city that doesn’t sleep, the big apple or simply New York; It is true that New York City is known around the world with multiple nicknames and there is definitely one thing to be taken for granted, all of them are true! New York is characterized by its diversity, its contradictions, its lights, and for its famous must-visit attractions. It also forms a preferable destination for top-notch restaurants, entertainment and luxury shopping as the city has everything a traveler needs. Among the city’s most notable sites are the Time Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and of course the Central Park. People with different cultural, social and economic backgrounds achieve to coexist in this city creating a beautiful chaos like no other. New York City lures visitors and immerses them into an unforgettable experience like no other.


Tokyo, Japan


The Japanese capital, Tokyo, is one of the most fascinating and exciting destinations around the world. Visitors are able to understand that the city perfectly paired the deep-rooted Japanese tradition and history with the modern and futuristic elements of an Asian mega-city. A trip there is the ideal option for those who seek to experience a little bit of everything. The culinary tradition is a mind-blowing experience as the city has exceptional restaurants for fine dining and mouth-watering street food options. Moreover, Tokyo has a variety of must-visit attractions such as the Imperial Palace. Another jaw-dropping feature that fascinates visitors is technology. Tokyo forms one of the leading cities in technology production and this can be observed in almost every corner of the city. Finally, those who are interested in exploring the culture, a Sumo wrestling event is highly recommended.