The top 10 International Airlines | Traveler by Unique


1. Singapore Airlines


Singapore Airline has a long history in the top 10 lists as it is a preferred carrier for a big percentage of the population. Its ranking is not a coincidence since the company showcases high scores when taking into account the comfort, the in-flight service and the reliability of the flight schedule. It has to be noted that, Singapore Airlines is continuously trying to upgrade its product in both economy and business class by providing extended entertainment options to the travelers. Singapore Airlines is also known for offering one of the world’s longest direct flights, between New York and Changi Airport, which has an approximate duration of 19 hours.


2. Emirates


Emirates is all about offering a premium and luxury experience. The company is known for providing one of the most luxurious and elegant business classes with cocktail lounges, showers and a fantastic first class service with gourmet menus and an upgraded beverage list. The company demonstrates one of the biggest fleets of Airbus A380, with Wi-Fi connectivity and with an exceptional in-flight entertainment program that includes music, movies, games, series and many more. The state of the art service of Emirates can also be observed in the company’s airport lounges in several major destinations around the world where luxury is accompanied by comfort in a lavishing and quiet setting.


3. Qatar Airways


When unparalleled elegance meets style, Qatar Airways is definitely the result. The company is dedicated to offering a world of possibilities for an upgraded travel experience. With a constantly increasing fleet, Qatar Airways is among the most preferable options for long-haul flights as the comfortable economy and business class seats are ideal for keeping travelers relaxed. It has to be noted that the fleet of Qatar Airways includes, among others, the Airbus A350-1000 which was designed to minimize the jet lag effects due to the lower cabin pressure and the high levels of humidity that flow into the cabins. One of the most extraordinary features of this airline is the stunning QSuite Business Class which has double beds and dining areas for four people. Qatar Airways knows for sure how to spoil and treat its customers.


4. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has some of the longest non-stop flights in the world. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that the carrier focuses in ensuring the best possible seat comfort with extended legroom. Another great feature relating to comfort is that Air New Zealand has a specially designed area within the planes dedicated for families which is more spacious and open. The longest non-stop flight of this airline is the direct flight between Chicago and Auckland which has an approximate duration of 16 hours.


5. Etihad Airways


Etihad Airways considers being the leader carrier in terms of luxury, style and comfort. Its most significant competitive advantage is the ultra-exclusive first class, also known as the “Residence”. This class offers to the traveler a three-room private space that includes a bedroom, a private shower and a lounge. Etihad provides for both, economy and business class, the featured service of “flying nannies” who are in charge of the children. The in-flight service is an exceptional combination of fine dining with an interesting wine list. Etihad is able to satisfy even the most high-end needs.


6. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

Listed as one of the most preferable carriers, Virgin Atlantic’s increased popularity can be explained with its recent partnership with Delta. With the combined broader flight schedule, Virgin Atlantic is now able to offer a lot more additional destination within the United States. Its Business Class is characterized as one of the best in the world due to the iconic design and ample luxury. Flatbeds, in-flight lounge bar and an upgraded fine dining menu are the elements that define this high-end traveling experience. Virgin Atlantic also offers a premium economy class where travelers can enjoy welcoming drinks and hot towels.


7. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific

For those who travel from the United States or from Europe towards the Far East, Cathay Pacific is definitely an option. With a frequent and reliable schedule, and with exceptional in-flight service, Cathay Pacific manages to win the trust of travelers around the world. An interesting highlight is that the in-flight menu is heavily influenced by Hong Kong’s most known chefs. It has to be noted that the carrier offers an award-winning business and first-class experience. In what regards the economy class, major improvements resulted in an upgraded economy feeling with a welcoming glass of champagne during boarding.


8. Lufthansa


The list of the top 10 international airlines should definitely not exclude one of the biggest European carriers, which is Lufthansa. The company is listed among the largest in terms of fleet size and scope of flights. Recent improvements led to the creation of the premium economy class as well as to the upgrade of the business class which now has flat beds. The company is also known is providing a top-notch dining experience during the flight as notable European chefs took care of the menu.


9. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines

During recent years, Turkish Airlines has grown impressively in terms of size and in-flight experience. The Turkish carrier is known for the exceptional in-flight menu, its comfortable seats and the reliable flight schedule that connects Istanbul with the rest of the world. With daily non-stop flight from all over the world, Turkish Airlines achieved in transforming Istanbul’s Airport into an international hub for travelers. Recently, the carrier moved in its new home, the new state of the art Istanbul Airport.


10. Swiss


Swiss is one of the most popular and preferable options when it comes to European carriers. The company’s philosophy has a lot to do with the Swiss style and it can be better characterized as a boutique carrier. In both classes, business and economy, travelers are able to enjoy mouth-watering recipes, fine Swiss wines and cheeses. Comfortable seats, elegant service and in-flight entertainment, are some of the key features that provide an exceptional and unforgettable experience to travelers.