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Porto Katsiki

porto katsiki

Forming the most known beach in the Island and one of the most famous and photographed around Greece, Porto Katsiki is definitely a truly spectacular beach. The bay is located 45km away from Lefkada’s capital and close to a village called Athani. What makes this beach a top attraction is its unparalleled natural beauty. Upon arrival, visitors are able to observe and admire a breath-taking and imposing backdrop. Huge and imposing white cliffs surround a beach that has turquoise and calm waters. The antithesis that the elements of this landscape create results in a truly majestically scenery like no other. The cliffs around Porto Katsiki have lush vegetation which provides an extra touch of idyllic atmosphere.

Access to the beach is made via steps from the cliffs towards the bay. Alternatively, those who wish to swim into the refreshing waters of Porto Katsiki should make use of a boat. It is not a coincidence though that make private yachts are anchored there. The beach is organized with comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas that enable visitors to enjoy their time there.




Egremni is one of the best beaches on the Island of Lefkada and is situated 40km away from the capital. This long and sandy beach can be both, a vibrant location for families and friends but also a beach where isolated spots are available for those who wish to enjoy a more exclusive experience. The crystal clear waters and the perfect combination of white sand with fine pebbles create an outstanding and exotic result. Egremni beach is well organized with sunbeds and umbrellas at its greater part. However, there are also some spots where visitors can enjoy the Greek sun right on the warm sand. Since the beach is surrounded by rocks, Egremni offers a flawless sense of privacy and isolation

For those who wish to experience a more cosmopolitan and vibrant day there, the beach bars offer a variety of fascinating and yet relaxing amenities. Fine dining and refreshing drinks can be the perfect combination for an exceptional day at the beach. It has to be noted that access to the beach is made via 325 steps which offer great panoramic views of this imposing landscape.




When addressing the most spectacular and stunning beaches of Lefkada, one should also include Kathisma beach which can be found on a southwest direction from the capital of the Island. Kathisma forms one of the longest beaches that visitors can find on the Island which is an interesting feature since visitors can enjoy almost everything there. An idyllic landscape with multiple exotic touches is the main characteristic of this beach. Kathisma is surrounded by mountains with trees that create the perfect atmosphere for isolation and privacy. The waters have a turquoise colour which is paired excellently with the white sandy terrain. Due to the length of this beach, a variety of amenities are available to the public. For instance, visitors to Kathisma beach are able to enjoy water sports such as sky parachute. The beach is very well organized with beach bars, sunbeds and umbrellas that offer the necessary comfort and are ideal for relaxation under the Greek sun. It is not a coincidence that Kathisma beach is a preferable option for the young crowds of the Island.


Agios Ioannis

agios ioannis

For those who are searching for a convenient alternative close to Lefkada town, the beach called Agios Ioannis is the place to be. This beach is just a few kilometers away and forms the ideal landscape for all. The bay stretches for many meters and features an amazing combination of golden sand and blue waters. This particular beach is both, an exotic spot and an idyllic location with a flawless charm. The ample romance that the area has is due to the old windmills that can be found there and provide a sense of nostalgia. In what regards the beach, umbrellas and comfortable sunbeds are available to visitors for a pleasurable experience. The nearby cafeterias are serving some exceptionally refreshing drinks and snacks. In addition, it has to be noted that Agios Ioannis beach is often windy and thus, it is a great spot for those who like windsurfing and other adrenaline-boosting water sports.




Nidri is among the most well-known and popular areas in the Island of Lefkada as it attracts thousands of visitors every year. Nidri beach can be characterized as an exotic beach that offers a truly special experience to visitors. The beach features some of the cleanest waters you will ever see with amazing blue colour. In addition to that, the white sand creates a picturesque landscape which looks like a cart postal. What makes this beach exotic is the existence of palm trees that surround the bay and create a nostalgic and idyllic atmosphere. Nidri beach provides also imposing views over some nearby islets such as Scorpidi and Heloni. An interesting highlight is that from Nidri beach is that you can see the private island of Aristotelis Onasis, Scorpios. The beach is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, while the nearby settlement makes available many options for dining and entertaining.