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Sailing around the world includes a variety of experiences which are different depending on which part of the world you are traveling to. Those who are passionate about sailing, they are in a position to know that there are certain parts of the world which are characterized as the top sailing destinations. Dreamy locations, ample sense of serenity, exotic beaches and azure waters are some of the main characteristics of these regions.



sailing greece

Greece can be easily listed in the best sailing destinations around the world. The variety of Islands, its close proximity, the majestic deep blue colour of the sea, the Greek lifestyle and the traditional Island architecture are some of the features that will take your breath away when sailing in Greece. The country’s Islands are divided into several complexes, each and every one of them has its own style and charm.

The Ionian Islands are famous for having some of the most photographed beaches around the world. Turquoise and emerald refreshing waters are perfectly paired with the white sand, while the surrounding cliffs create an imposing dramatic landscape. Among the most popular destinations for sailing, there are the Islands of Kefalonia, Corfu and Ithaca. For the more experienced sailors or for those who wish to feel the true magic of sailing, the complex of Cyclades is the perfect option as the summer winds that flow into the area offer a memorable experience. This particular complex includes, among others, the infamous Islands of Mykonos and Santorini. Their charming white-washed houses along with the luxurious cosmopolitan atmosphere create a truly lavishing setting for the world’s jet-setters.

The Islands of Dodecanese form the perfect destination for all as they combine luxury, authenticity, serenity and privacy. Among these Islands, sailors may choose to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Kos or Rhodes. Alternatively, for a more exclusive and traditional setting, Islands like Patmos, Leros or Lipsi are among the favorable options. Finally, the Saronic Gulf, which is situated south of Athens, is great if you wish to immerse yourself into an endless exploration of small and charming Islands such as Hydra and Poros.



sailing turkey

The Mediterranean coastal line of Turkey forms a must option for those who wish to experience a bit of everything. Luxurious marinas, a lavishing nightlife, spectacular isolated beaches and multiple sightseeing options are among the basic characteristics of sailing experience in Turkey. The ideal starting point of such experience is the cosmopolitan resort of Bodrum. From there, sailors can enjoy a pleasurable trip towards small harbours, hidden coves, uninhabited islets and ultra-exclusive resorts.

Among the most popular options for sailing in Turkey is the Hisaronu Gulf. This particular route can take you towards some charming sea-side towns such as Datcha and Selimiye. An alternative route is to follow the beautiful Marmaris coastal line which includes some of the most famous and beautiful bays in Turkey such as Fethiye. Elegance and style are perfectly paired with the exceptional Turkish lifestyle, offering to sailors a once in a lifetime experience.


The British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

The British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Leaving the European continent, the Caribbean region is definitely a desirable option for the world’s sailors. In particular, the British Virgin Islands offer a slice of paradise to sailors. This is because the Islands offer soft and warm winds, exotic beaches of impeccable beauty and multiple stylish locations for dining and entertainment. In addition to these reasons, the British Virgin Islands offer a truly exclusive and private atmosphere as celebrities from all over the world choose this location to spend their holidays.

The ideal starting point of such a trip is the main Island called Tortola. From there, sailors have the opportunity to explore the nearby Islands and anchored in secluded and isolated spots in order to enjoy snorkeling. The Virgin Gorda is another spectacular landscape as it features dramatic rock formations that create an imposing backdrop. The smallest of the Islands is called Jost van Dyke and has its own charm and cosmopolitan atmosphere due to the famous bars and restaurants that visitors can find there.


Antigua, Caribbean

Antigua, Caribbean

There are many reasons explaining why Antigua is among the best sailing destinations around the world. One among them is definitely the outstanding number of beaches that this small Caribbean nation has, which amounts to 365. Thus, the most efficient and spectacular way to explore them is to enjoy a magnificent sailing trip. This experience will be perfectly completed with the warm and soft winds, the emerald crystal clear waters and the protected anchorages. These elements are able to transform your sailing experience and make it an irresistible idyllic trip.

For a more enhanced exploration, sailors often visit the sister Island of Barbuda which can be found at a distance of 40 miles. An interesting highlight about this Island is that its bird population is greater than its human population. In Barbuda, travelers are able to enjoy nature at its best with coral reefs and beaches with pink sands.



sailing in thailand

The Asian continent offers many spots which offer unique experiences and spectacular landscapes. Among the most famous destinations for a sailing trip is definitely Thailand. The exotic and dramatic settings with unparalleled natural beauty are able to take your breath away since the very first moments.

For those who seek to experience an ultra-luxurious sailing trip, the ideal starting point is the infamous Island of Phuket from which travelers can explore the Andaman Sea. The region includes some of the most known Islands such as the Phi Phi and the James Bond Island. Extravagant beaches, lush vegetation and wild jungles create a truly majestic backdrop like no other. It is not a coincidence that Thailand has some of the most photographed beaches in the world and sailing there would be the ideal way to explore them. The Andaman Sea has also some less developed Islands where visitors can observe and enjoy the authentic Thai lifestyle, the outstanding culinary tradition of the country and swim into unspoiled beaches.


Tahiti, French Polynesia

tahiti sailing

The region of French Polynesia is definitely a synonym of exotic landscapes, quiet beaches with emerald waters and lots of palm trees. The area is listed among the best sailing destinations in the world as it features magnificent bays, multiple reefs and lagoons and an outstanding number of 118 islands which are ideal for exploration in the South Pacific. The main and most known islands are Tahiti, Tahaa, Moorea and the infamous Bora Bora. Island hopping is made easy due to their close proximity and visitors are able to enjoy a lavishing holiday experience full of style and elegance. The region offers mild winds and a warm climate throughout the year. For a more adventurous approach, open water routes are available between some of the Islands.