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Reaching the Island of Paros

Reaching the Island of Paros

There is definitely not a universal rule in regards to when you should visit the Islands. However, it is strongly recommended to visit the Greek Islands in the period between May and October. This is because the weather conditions during these months allow visitors to enjoy swimming and sunbathing under the Greek sun. Paros is easy to reach via ferry boat or plane. The Island is also known as a destination for private yachts for those visitors who wish to enjoy a more exclusive and private transfer.



Parikia Paros

Parikia is the largest town in Paros and has everything that characterises a Cycladic Island: charming white houses, blue decorating items, small churches and narrow streets with many shops. The archaeological museum and the Venetian castle can be found there which are among the must-done activities for the history lovers and for those who wish to explore the Island.



naousa Paros

Atmospheric bars, excellent restaurants and a flawless charm are among the main characteristics of this village. Naoussa is the fishermen village and is known for its vibrant nightlife. There, visitors can enjoy delicious and freshly made recipes in one of the restaurants. The village is also a great spot for those who wish to admire the beauty of the Cycladic architectural style.


Activities and entertainment

Activities and entertainment Paros

With a plethora of majestic resorts and other accommodation options, Paros provides the ideal landscape for peaceful, rejuvenating and idyllic holidays. Crystal clear waters, fine dining options and vibrant nightlife can make your holidays truly spectacular. Despite these elements, Paros showcases an interesting variety of things that visitors should do to enjoy joyful, sophisticated and informative holidays.

For those who wish to get away from the crowds and enjoy the serenity of the landscape, Lefkes village is the ideal spot. This charming village is surrounded by mountains and remains unspoiled from the masses of tourism. What used to be the former capital of Paros now forms a small charming village with whitewashed houses and narrow streets with a characteristic Venetian architectural style. The village includes several restaurants that serve mouth-watering recipes and fine wines.

For those travelers who wish to embrace their inner adventurer, it has to be noted that Paros is famous for water sports. Indeed, the strong winds that flow towards the Island make this destination to be listed among the most popular for windsurfing and kite surfing. It is not a coincidence that the Windsurfing World Championship was hosted for many years in Paros. Therefore, visitors can enjoy high adrenaline boosts by joining one of these activities that can be found at Golden Beach, New Golden Beach or at Santa Maria.




One of the most extraordinary and fascinating features of Paros Island is that travelers can visit its sister Island called Antiparos. In fact, the ferry ride has an approximate duration of 10 minutes. Antiparos is an Island that is known for its distinct relaxing atmosphere which is observable upon arrival. Once visitors arrive at the port, they are able to feel stress-free as the glossy and cosmopolitan atmosphere is replaced by the traditional and authentic style of Antiparos. The main village of this Island, also called Antiparos, stretches from the port towards the inland. Whitewashed houses, blue domes, charming squares and narrow streets filled with flowers are the village’s main characteristics.


Antiparos’ main attractions

Antiparos’ main attractions

One of the most known attractions of Antiparos is the stalactites cave at Agios Ioannis hill. Visitors can enjoy spending some quality time there and observe the peculiar geological formation of the cave. A small chapel, which is dedicated to Agios Ioannis can be found at the mouth of the cave. In addition, there are a number of small, uninhabited Islands around Antiparos for those who wish to enjoy a short excursion and swim into the refreshing and clean waters of these Islands. It has to be noted that, Antiparos’ main attractions are of course the spectacular beaches. The golden sand is perfectly paired with the turquoise waters and the result is just majestic.



beaches antiparos

As Antiparos demonstrates a more quiet and peaceful character in contrast to Paros or the other Islands of the Cyclades complex, there are many spectacular locations for those who wish to enjoy the serenity of the landscape. Visitors can find truly spectacular beaches just a few minutes away from the port, including the famous Camping site beach. This bay is known for its laidback and alternative character as nudists are allowed to swim there.

Antiparos features a variety of tranquil, crystal clear beaches which are highly recommended for swimming and sunbathing. Depending on the visitors’ interest, this Island has everything to meet even the most high-end expectations, from vibrant and atmospheric beach bars to secluded and unspoiled beaches. Among the most famous beaches can be found at Glyfa and Soros. This unspoiled and secluded element of the Island makes it a preferred destination for the royals of Europe and for the Hollywood stars.