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The history

The history corfu Corfu

Despite the cosmopolitan beaches and the crowded spots of the Island, Corfu town has a long history which is spread throughout the town. Among the most notable examples by which history is expressed are the elegant Venetian buildings that can be found all over the town. Within the narrow streets of Corfu town, these emblematic buildings stand majestically to remind visitors that the Island used to be a commercial hub between Italy and Greece. Today these charming buildings host various shops, restaurants and cafeterias. Moreover, the building that now hosts the Town Hall dates back to the 14th and 18th centuries during which Corfu Town was under the Venetian rule. In addition, the Liston Arcade demonstrates some sophisticated French features that were adopted during the Napoleonic occupation of the Island.

Travelers can also explore the Old Fortress of Corfu Town that was created during the Byzantine period to protect the city from the pirates’ invasions. The Venetians also used this very same fortress during the Ottoman attacks. Travelers in Corfu town can explore, observe and admire historical spots and buildings by simply walking around the centre, since there is a flawless sense of history and nostalgia in almost every street.


The gastronomy

gastronomy Corfu

As a Greek Island, Corfu demonstrates one of the most interesting and healthy cuisines that is an excellent example of the infamous Mediterranean diet. Freshness and tastiness are among the main elements of the Greek culinary tradition. However, except for what exists on the surface, the real culinary tradition of Corfu includes many more. In reality, the exploration of the culinary tradition in Corfu town is not an easy task. The Island has a lot of influences from the Italian culture and the result is truly delicious. Among the most popular Corfiot recipes that perfectly pair these influences are the Sofrito and the Bourdeto. The Island is also known for having its own production of olives and its signature product, the kumquat. The latter is a citrus fruit that was introduced in Corfu during the 1860s as it was transported from the Middle East. Nowadays, visitors are able to enjoy this fruit in multiple recipes including the refreshing cocktails that are made with the kumquat liquor.


Charming villages

village Corfu

It is not a coincidence that Corfu town is a preferable destination for Greeks who wish to enjoy the serenity and the relaxing atmosphere that the Island has in abundance. Except for the lavishing atmosphere that visitors are able to experience in the town of Corfu, there are some other great locations which are ideal for exploration in the surrounding area. More precisely, many small and charming villages which have their own uniqueness can be found in close proximity to the town. These villages have also specially designed hiking trails and form the ideal alternative escape for those who wish to avoid the masses of tourism and relax.

Among is the charming villages of Corfu is the settlement called Old Perithia which has just few stone houses and is located in the middle of the route towards Mountain Pantokrator. This village has no inhabitants but is definitely a must-visit abandoned village due to its impeccable beauty, the flawless serenity and its picturesque landscape. Visitors are able to observe and admire abandoned Venetian houses and stone arches. The area has few restaurants with exceptional dining options and outstanding atmosphere. Visiting Old Perithia will be like a journey in time as the architectural style and the unspoiled landscape will take your breath away since the very first moments.


Easter in the town of Corfu

Easter in the town of Corfu

Although Corfu town is a popular destination during the summer season, there are many reasons to visit this amazing Island during spring. Corfu is known in Greece as the ultimate destination for Easter holidays as the traditions fascinate visitors. Philharmonic bands offer concerts in the town’s city centre during the celebrations which is a must-see attraction. Another interesting highlight is that on Easter Sunday locals gather in the main square of the town and smash huge clay pots or red colour, the so-called “botides”. Corfu town demonstrates one of the best Easter traditions in Greece which is an attraction for both, Greeks and foreigners.


The generous nature

The generous nature Corfu

When exploring the town of Corfu, the best alternative way is to hike or enjoy a ride in the countryside. Indeed, Corfu has some of the most spectacular landscapes that visitors are able to explore in a Greek Island. Forests and imposing mountains are just a few minutes away from the city centre and from the beach. Nature was exceptionally generous with Corfu as several natural spas can be found within the Island. Arkoudilas Beach is among the most notable ones, as it features natural mud that is ideal for skin scrubbing. Both locals and visitors use the very same technique in order to receive the beneficial outcomes of this mud. The first step is to apply the mud on the skin and then enjoy sunbathing. To rinse off the mud, enter into the crystal clear waters of the sea and enjoy a refreshing experience like no other.