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Extraordinary beaches

beaches Kefalonia

Kefalonia has some of the most photographed and famous beaches in the Mediterranean region. The combination of the exotic and dramatic landscape, make visitors fall in love with these beaches since the very first moments. The great majority of the beaches are surrounded by imposing cliffs with lush vegetation, while the bay combines perfectly the white sand with the turquoise waters.

Listed among the top beaches of Kefalonia, Myrtos is definitely a place to visit. Located at the northwest coast of the Island, this beach offers a truly spectacular landscape with imposing sunsets. Antisamos beach was made famous by the Hollywood movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”. Crystal clear waters and a well-organized beach are some of the features that will make your experience comfortable and pleasurable. The beach is also ideal for those who need to experience some adventure as several water sports facilities can be found there. Another must-visit beach is the infamous Xi. The location took its name due to the shape of the cove which is forming an X. The clean, refreshing and shallow waters make this beach ideal for families. There, visitors can enjoy sunbathing in comfortable sunbeds and enjoy refreshing cocktails and fine dining in the nearby beach bars.


Explore the picturesque Fiskardo

fiskardo Kefalonia

A massive earthquake that took place in 1953 in Kefalonia destroyed some of the Island’s most beautiful and picturesque villages. Fiskardo is a settlement that managed to survive from this natural disaster and nowadays forms the ideal village for exploration. Fiskardo is an authentic fishermen village that maintains an unspoiled character despite the masses of visitors that receives every year. The charming buildings with the characteristic colours of Kefalonia are among the must-see things. Moreover, travelers can visit the Palaeolithic settlement that is located there and admire the architecture of the Byzantine churches of the area. The coastal road is full of traditional taverns and small shops.


The Melissani Cave

melissani cave Kefalonia

Kefalonia also includes some spectacular sights that can be characterized as natural wonders. For nature lovers, a visit at the Melissani Cave is strongly recommended. The cave was discovered in 1951 and was made available to the public during 1963. Melissani Cave is situated in a short distance from Sami town which makes it easy to approach and an ideal spot for exploration and adventure. In fact, it is a lake cave which enables the sunlight to enter due to its collapsed roof. The reflection of the sunlight into the deep blue waters of the cave lake results in an incredible landscape like no other.


Discover the charming settlements

Discover the charming settlements Kefalonia

For those who wish to get away from the crowds and enjoy idyllic landscapes and unique authentic experiences, Kefalonia has many villages which are ideal for exploration. Firstly, Agia Efthimia is a traditional fishermen village that can be found on the east coast of the Island. The settlement has its own unique character due to the preserved Venetian buildings, the authentic lifestyle of the people and the charming small churches. Secondly, Assos village is known for its quiet and relaxing atmosphere. There, visitors can explore the ruins of a castle that was built during antiquity in order to protect the village from the pirates’ invasions. Finally, another example of a picturesque settlement is Sami. The village is the second largest port of the Island and forms a great example of the Venetian architectural style. The village combines everything a traveler needs, from incredible beaches to deep-rooted history.


Island hopping

Island hoping Kefalonia

Kefalonia is also suitable for some more island-hopping experience. Its proximity to the infamous Island of Zante or Ithaca makes Kefalonia the perfect base for further exploration. Private yacht chartering and frequent ferries are available to offer you a truly spectacular experience with a full-day cruise there. Ithaca is an Island known for its breath-taking coastal line that includes exceptional beaches. In what regards Zante, visitors can observe and admire the infamous shipwreck beach which is among the most photographed locations in the Mediterranean region.


Embrace the adventurous side of yourself

adventurous side Kefalonia

As mentioned earlier, Kefalonia is the largest Island of the Ionian Sea and due to its size, the Island combines almost everything. For those holidaymakers that seek some extra adrenaline boosts, Kefalonia has a vast variety of activities. Firstly, Kefalonia is an exceptional spot for diving. The crystal clear waters and the outstanding visibility make diving one of the most preferable activities on the Island. Secondly, the breath-taking beaches and the dramatic sceneries that offer are ideal for sea kayaking. This activity forms an alternative way to explore some of the most incredible bays and enjoy some spectacular views. Finally, Kefalonia is also an ideal location for hiking. The Island hosts the only national park that can be found on a Greek Island, Mount Ainos National Park. The mountain has specially designed hiking trails with multiple difficulty levels. The forest is the ideal location for some peaceful moments and for some panoramic and breathtaking views over the Island.