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Shopping In The Cook Islands

shopping Cook Islands

What’s a vacation without getting some souvenirs to take home! In Cook Islands, you will find everything from high-end designers to handmade crafts. Stores and markets are situated in the central area of Rarotonga but there are smaller shopping areas through the beach towns as well. Muri Beach is known for its great shopping of housewares, art, clothing and jewelry. Stores normally close at 4 pm so get your shopping in early and enjoy the rest of your day. The Punanga Nui Cultural Market is a great place to try local foods, bbq and pick up local produce. The market is always busy, you can listen to some live music, and exotic smells of fresh flowers and homemade products fill the air.


Fishing In The Cook Islands

fishing Cook Islands

The best fishing spots for large Bonefish are off the island of Aitutaki. The waters are also known for fly fishing and open water fishing. Tours will supply the guests with everything they need to have the perfect day out on the sea. Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Bill Fish, Yellow Fin and other game fishing is in its prime here making fishing a great day for anyone, even if they have never cast a line before. The fish are fast moving which make it a challenge, giving you the utmost enjoyment when you snag a fish on your line. Crab and shrimp are also caught out in this area and other areas of the Cook Islands if you wanted to take a more of a relaxed view on Cook Islands fishing.


Scuba Diving and Snorkelling In The Cook Islands

snorkeling Cook Islands

Scuba diving in the Cook Islands can be enjoyed all year round under the sunny sky. With the 15 islands that make up the Cook Islands and gorgeous sea waters surrounding each one, it is no surprise that scuba diving is a popular sport here. Rarotonga has many PADI Dive centres with tours that take people further out north to experience the coral walls, sharks and tropical fish living in the warm waters.

Snorkelers can head out to the deeper waters by boat as well or choose to snorkel off one of the beaches. For the best tropical marine life and sites to see, off the beach, check out Aroa Beach, One Foot Island and O’outu Beach.


Island Night in Rarotonga


A party you won’t want to miss! Island Nights bring lively entertainment, a delicious buffet dinner and a night full of fun for everyone. Enjoy the feast prepared for you with the most beautiful scenery full of life and color.


Hiking In the Cook Islands


Hiking through the lush forest and tropical landscape is a breathtaking experience where you will get the ultimate views of the beauty surrounding the islands. The Cross Island Track is a 3-4 hour hike that runs along the coast of Rarotonga. Rushing waterfalls, respectable rock formations and the summit that reaches 413 m high, a volcanic plug, named The Needle will impress you. The Needle climb is a challenge for more experienced hikers.

There are many other hikes and trails, and scenic nature walks around the islands for any level of experience. Pack lots of water and bring a camera, once you get going you will be enthralled with the serenity of lands, as the sounds of nature surround you.