Sleeping In A Castle | Traveler by Unique

Castles around the countryside have been renovated and kept up to the optimal standards in order to provide you with absolute enjoyment as you stay there. With layers of history reaching back many centuries, these are unlike any other accommodations you will find.

castle garden

Immaculate kept grounds and gardens around the castle are also just as enchanting as the castles itself. Each of the castle grounds is maintained perfectly to welcome you as you arrive and to engulf you in the utmost scenic landscapes to fix your eyes on. Large statues, fountains, old bridges and plenty of old tree’s lay among the scene giving color and lush greengage to the scenery. During the sunny season, you will be in awe at the flower beds and budding plants as they paint the yards with color and peace for your enjoyment.

The large heavy front door of your castle will give you a strange feeling as you enter through it and the true beauty of the castle is revealed. Thick wooden or stone staircases will lead you from one level to the next, surprising you with elegantly details areas for sitting, as well as fantastic views of the lands around. Hallways are elegantly decorated with mood lighting to capture the fantasy of the castle in every way possible.

The large heavy front door of a castle

The spacious kitchens are well equipped for all of your culinary cooking needs. We recommend filling the fridge with your favorite foods and taking advantage of the cheerful kitchen during your stay. With so many pretty things everywhere you turn, we are sure you will be inspired to create dishes and meals with your family that you can share around the dining room tables which are set for you with the finest of dishes. There is lots of room in the fridge to store wines and other refreshments that you will want to enjoy as you discover the secrets around the castle.

Spending a vacation in a castle is an opportunity like no other. Sleeping anywhere between 6 people to groups of over 40 people, these unique accommodations are comfortable and well equipped for any sized group. Each castle has pieces of history showing through its architecture, stonework and interior artwork. The bedrooms are designed to make everyone feel like they are royalty. Every room has been arranged strategically to make you feel at home. High-end bedding and soft fluffy towels are in each room, providing you with the sensation of comfort and bliss.

Take time to explore a castle

Take time to explore the secret passageways hidden in some of the old castles or sip some tea in the libraries full of old literature and fascinating stories of the lands. Soak yourself in one of the many deep soaking bathtubs as the rays of the warm sun stream through the windows and gently glisten off your skin. Walk the scenic pathways of the castle grounds or visit one of the parklands for the full experience of nature. Let the sunshine on your face as the day goes by, you will be sure to love every second of this true serenity. Every step you take will guide you deeper and deeper into falling in love with the countryside.

Ending the evenings on the grand terrace with a delightful BBQ meal and some local wine couldn’t be more perfect. Sit around the table and share laughter and chatter with the people who shared this vacation with you. Feel gratitude as you look around you and soak in what castle living is all about. Let the reality of your fairytale set in as the stars sparkle above you before heading in for the night to your amazing bedroom. This will be known as one of your best vacations ever and you will be itching to share the incredible experience of sleeping in a castle with all of your friends when you get home.