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It is often recognized as a dreamy destination when seeking a tropical getaway. The super luxurious locality is gated and is home to gigantic villas. 15 residential communities reside over here and the numbers of real estate ownership options are numerous.

A few of the highlights at Punta Mita include a tennis center with ten courts and two Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses. The tranquillity of the site stays through the peak seasons, and the sounds that come across are crashing of sea waves and chirping of birds indigenous to the place. A number of celebs, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Bill Gates, have invested in real estate properties at the place.

Punta Mita is a spot for lavish luxury as facilitated by its high accessibility, privacy and exquisite splendor. Real estate business over here is at an all-time high, and the top end clients tell us about the potential that the location withholds. It is close to 10 airports in the US and Mexico, and people with their own jets or charted planes can land straight over here.

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The destination is adored for its beautiful, clean beaches, often aquamarine in colour and has a number of private beach clubs as well. The views of the ocean from over here are breathtaking.

At the swimmable beaches, a tourist has a number of options for aqua recreation to choose from, such as paddle boarding, surfing, scuba diving, and windsurfing. Towards the eastern side of the peninsula, the private residences have a splendid view of Banderas Bay.

At Punta Mita, the weather is pleasant round the year and the destination gets 345 days of sunshine each year. Rains often start during the evening and finish off in the mornings.

The destination has been developed by DINE, which is one of the primary resort developers in the world, as a prime destination to relax and unwind. It earlier used to be a fishing village not frequented by too many people, and also a surfing spot. With water at the three sides of the town, a sense of peace prevails over here. DINE also creates additional security measures to ensure even more privacy and safety for the people who reside over here.

Club Punta Mita offers refined club amenities for its members, such as groves for private seaside dining, fine gathering spots, exquisitely scenic cycling tracks and a number of ocean sports as well. The amenities further include the Pacifico golf course, which has been ranked among the top 100 golf courses in the world. Beach club for residents and a tennis center. The golf course is recognized for its eight ocean view holes and ‘Tail of the whale’, which is a 194-yard hole. It calls for a golfer to play his first shot from a tee box onshore, right to an island green atop a rocky formation. In the event of low tide, a player can walk over a submerged stone path to the island green. At the time of migration season, the golf course also offers vantage points for whale watching.

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Similarly, at the Kupuri Beach Club, members can enjoy the scenery that Kitibu Bay offers. The club is dedicated to Huichol belief of ‘kupuri’, which specifies that nature and inner spirit are bound together as a life force.

The club very recently had a Punta Mita Carnival, a yearly fest that is all about celebrating the culture, colours and history of Mexico with a family friendly beach bash, a masquerade ball and a golf cart parade.

At St. Regis and Four Seasons resorts alike, a tourist can find rotating art exhibits. They have been put together by Mexican and Latin American artists, both contemporary and traditional. In downtown Punta Mita, there is the Maria Bonita which has fine selections of beaded jewelry, handcrafted decorations and Mexican folk art. A few of the top residential sites at Punta Mita are the Sufi Ocean Club and St. Regis Resort which offer a number of exquisite arrangements, such as a saltwater pool, wooden poolside cabanas, private terraces and personal butlers.

The days that you spend outside Punta Mita’s gates can also be filled with visits to the number of art galleries and handicraft outlets in the neighborhood. Among the most appreciated marketplaces specializing in Huichoi crafts is the Sayulita’s Galeria Tanana. Each of the art pieces and specimens that you come across at the gallery and in the marketplaces in the vicinity are certified authentic. The shops are known for their fair trade practices.