Regardless of what excites you, you will probably love it for the sheer joy and thrill of doing something that gets your heart pumping and makes you feel alive. One activity you may not have thought of that certainly fits into the adrenaline rush category is African safari. If you have not tried it and love adventure, this is the appropriate activity for you.

Most likely, if all that you know regarding Safari is what you have seen in the TV and film media, you are not getting an accurate picture of what this fascinating sport is all about. It is fun and you will see things that you have never seen in the wild before.

Some picture African safari as bouncing around in the back of an old jeep driven by an African native. This isn’t entirely the way it goes, but you get the idea. The word “Safari” comes from the Arabic word “safara” which means “journey”.

Safari goers can see everything from elephants and tigers to gazelles and rhinoceroses and experience local cultures of Africa. You will also participate in adventure activities, visit historical sites and explore natural wonders. Lions, buffalos and leopards will be a few steps from your side and you will have the opportunity to observe them and have an unforgettable experience.

Safari Africa

The difference in African landscape and the variety of its terrain ensures the huge range of the wildlife that you will see there and invites you visiting different areas. Ask your guides to experience a walking safari and throw the urban life away and enjoy the surrounding flora and fauna.

If you are wondering which the best time of the year is in order to book a safari, then we have to inform you that in South Africa you can enjoy Safari all year round. During the summer months, Cape Town is ideal for safari – lovers as the weather is warm and the climate is ideal also in winter you may visit the northern parks where the climate is cooler and drier.

Be prepared that your day will start early in the morning! Approximately at 4a.m is the time that most safaris experiences start because at this time animals are more active. Choose the right guide, make clear what you would like to see and seize the day.

If you are not a morning person, ask for some safaris that go out at night, in the pitch darkness. See nocturnal animals, like lions, pangolins and aardwolves. You can go in small groups in jeeps or in larger groups of like-minded safari buffs. Some safaris have packages where you can sleep in tent villages so you will not need to go far to see those amazing animals and have one of the most special safari experiences of all.

Your guides are usually well trained in spotting for animals and know the best watering holes and other places to track down the kinds of animals you are looking for.

Pack your camera and get prepared for quick shots! Look at the trees for leopards or capture the lion that lazily sits next to a bush. Take your time to see everything you want and fill your eyes and your camera with pictures that you will remember for your entire life. Safari is absolutely a unique experience that will inspire you!