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Chamonix has essentially been a ski resort since long, and is recognized for its versatility. The town has six distinct ski areas, which cater to the requirements of plethora of tourists with different proficiency levels in skiing.

Things to do in Chamonix go beyond skiing, and the destination comes across as a fine spot for rock climbing, paragliding, hiking, tennis and golf. Chamonix is recognized to be an exquisitely scenic spot, and a number of tourists visit the destination just for the purpose of relaxation. It is a fine destination to unwind, breathe in the Alpine air, be mesmerized by the breathtaking sceneries, delight in the sounds of rushing streams and enjoy the rustic atmosphere that chalet restaurants offer. Foodies get a chance to try out some inspiring cuisines such as the Savoy, which is largely based upon cheese, potatoes and charcuterie. A few of the specialities of the place are fondue and raclette.

Let us take a look at a few of the top attractions at Chamonix.


1. Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

While Mont Blanc is a tough peak to conquer, there are some fine options for intermediate hiking in the peak’s vicinity. Hiking trails at Au Tour de Mont Blanc have routes for tourists with various levels of mountaineering skills. A few of the terrains are gentle walks that give a sufficient chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. A few others are more vigorous and uphill tracks for the adventurous wanderers. It is also a prime site for clicking photographs with Mont Blanc in the background. A tourist also has a chance to enjoy exquisite refreshments by stopping by at restaurant chalets, which are scattered along the way.


2. The beautiful village of Chamonix

The beautiful village of Chamonix

Chamonix village is recognized for its exquisite beauty matched by few other destinations across the world. It was placed on the maps for the first time in the year 1741, and the village was then known as Prieuré de Chamouni. The discoverers delighted in the snow covered mountain peaks which surrounded the village on all sides.

With the beautiful historical significance of the place, the architecture that we come across over here is a refined mix of modern along with traditional. Upon wandering through the town, a tourist comes across alpine chalets essentially quaint in nature. Baroque churches are breathtaking and so are the protestant chapels, which have rich historical heritage associated with them. A number of eateries of all kinds have propped up at the place, including the finest of restaurants, cafes for a casual snack and brasseries that are alive with activity. A taste of the local cuisine at a farm too is an unforgettable experience.


3. Sea of Ice

Sea of Ice

Among the largest of the glaciers in Europe is the Mer de Glace. The translation of the French name is sea of ice, which rightfully defines the glacier which expands to seven kilometres in length. This has long been among the prime tourist destinations in Chamonix. The experience for a tourist is astounding and the differentiation of a terrain from a glacier may be difficult for a few. But the views from over here are exquisite. One can catch the Les Drus and the Les Grandes mountain peaks, and dine with some of the finest scenery in the world.

Grotte de Glace is an ice cave at just a 15 minutes walk from Mer de Glace. This is 100 meters long, and offers spectacular views from within a glacier. Glaciorium is a little museum about glaciers, and a well recognized walking trail over here is Grand Balcon Nord, which initiates right from Montenvers. The site is a hiker’s paradise and one can hike back to Chamonix village with trails that pass by the les Planards and Les Bois village.


4. Aiguille du Midi

Aiguille du Midi

Aiguille du Midi is believed to be the gateway to the Alps. It is accessible by a cable car ride in two parts which initiates from the beautiful Mont Blanc Gondola. The journey from centre of Chamonix right towards the top takes around 20 minutes to commence. To enjoy the entire journey to the fullest, a tourist must take 2-3 hours from his itinerary. It is a fine idea to wear warm clothes and use sunglasses for the journey, which delights tourists from places in the world endlessly. It gives fine views of Swiss, French and Italian Alps. The restaurants often have windows on all sides for the tourists to enjoy breathtaking views.