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By having a Mediterranean climate, Crete is known for the very high temperatures during summer time and the mild winter. During the winter months, Crete may be cold but in contrast to the rest European countries, the winter seems to be slight different. With a clear distinction between autumn and winter seasons, Crete can be really colorful due to the rain that occurs between October and November. This period is ideal for those who wish to explore the natural beauty of the Island. Hiking paths and mountain bike activities are ideal to observe and admire the green fields, the olive trees and the endless forests that Cretan mountains has.

The mild winter is a great opportunity to visit the sea-side as well. Even during the cold months, holidaymakers can enjoy sunshine almost every day. Restaurants, bars and cafeterias by the beach offer outdoor sitting for those who wish to enjoy the sun. In what regards rain, the North-West part of the Island is the one that receives the majority of the rain showers. Crete combines everything that visitors need, as snow is available on the mountain side of the Island. Daily excursions to picturesque mountain villages can be the ideal gateway for winter sports and ski.


The low tourist season

elafonissi Crete

Another important reason of why one should visit Crete during the winter time is that Crete looks like a paradise without the crowds. Winter is the ideal period for intense sightseeing and cultural exploration as visitors are not challenged with the long queues and the exhausting heat. Visiting the museums and the variety of archaeological sites can be a pleasurable and joyful experience as visitors can enjoy walking around Knossos without worrying about the crowds.

The lack of tourists is also an amazing opportunity for a quiet and relaxing exploration around the most beautiful natural spots of the Island. Visiting Elafonisi or Balos can be truly spectacular during the winter. Visitors can stroll around beautiful locations, take some spectacular photos and enjoy the most of their experience.


Experience the real hospitality

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During winter time, visitors of Crete are lucky enough to experience the true and authentic Greek hospitality. As the crowds are gone, the few visitors are treated as guests and receive an excellent service and a high quality hospitality experience. Local people are more than happy to assist visitors who are not part of the faceless crowds. In addition, a great experience for the holiday makers in Crete during the winter would be an excursion in the villages of Crete. In villages, it is more likely to enjoy chatting with the locals in one of the small tavernas or cafeterias. In addition, the local people are so welcoming that sometimes invite visitors for a meal or treat them with some Raki, the local spirit. Crete, offers a whole new hospitality experience during the winter, which is worth experiencing.


Hiking paradise

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The beautiful landscapes of the Cretan countryside provide the perfect ground for those who enjoy hiking. One among the most notable locations for hiking enthusiast is the Samaria Gorge. There, visitors can enjoy nature at its best, breathe pure oxygen and admire the beauty of the landscape while hiking. Another interesting hiking option is the Cretan Botanical Park. The part has a total occupancy of 20 hectares and includes some of the most notable Cretan herbs and plantations. Winter in Crete can be really exciting and adventurous as visitors are engaged with multiple alternative activities, other than swimming. In fact, winter can offer to visitors a unique opportunity to explore the Island.



Crete is cost-effective

As in every other part of Greece, winter season has an advantage when it comes to costs. Holiday makers in Crete during the winter enjoy cheaper accommodation, activities and lifestyle. This is because winter is considered as an off-season period in the Greek Islands. In addition, many of the touristic places are closed during the winter, which means that visitors will experience and enjoy their holidays at the places where locals tend to visit. Local restaurants are able to offer exceptional service and fine dining options for less. Alternative experiences like boat trips, ski excursions and museums fees can also be purchased at a lower cost due to the decreased demand.


Memorable Cretan Christmas

Memorable Cretan Christmas

Spending the winter time in Crete is the ideal option to experience an alternative Christmas time. In contrast to the rest of Europe and due to the mild winter weather conditions, Christmas in Crete are one of a kind. Christmas can also be the perfect option for an in-depth cultural exploration as visitors will be able to observe various customs and traditions. In addition to the traditional elements, Cretan people incorporate modern elements into their Christmas celebrations which make them truly spectacular. A great example is the Santa Run where visitors can see thousands of people who are dressed like Santa Clause running through the major Cretan cities. A Christmas village can be found in Omalos Plateau which is ideal for families who wish to engage in various Christmas and children friendly activities.