Where to Find the Best Afternoon Tea in London | Traveler by Unique


Let’s take a look at some of the places which offer the finest afternoon tea in London.


1. The Ritz, London

Ritz London

If on a lookout for an institution essentially British in its persona, The Ritz would be close to the top of the list. Across London, afternoon tea, as it is served at The Ritz is often taken to be the standard for rest of the capital.

The location where tea is served is one of the factors why afternoon tea over here is much loved. The palm court has many mirrors and is easily recognizable with its rich gold embellishments, which give it an exquisitely grand presentation.

The entire setting is presented as a stage, a few steps above the ground floor of the hotel. The salon is placed right in between two palm trees. Among the key attractions at the site are a live pianist and on a few of the weekday afternoons, soprano Miranda Heldt.

Upon browsing the menu at the Ritz, you come across 18 selections. The staffs are exceedingly friendly and you may choose to discuss making the tea with them. They have spent a few months in Sri Lanka, making their own blends and recipes which they bought back to London.

The snacks are essentially traditional. The sandwiches that they serve are freshly prepared and crustless. They are little and finger sized. In a contrast, the scones are warm and huge. They are nicely garnished with strawberry jam and Cornish clotted cream.

The tea is served in three tiered stand, the top of which has abundant room for chocolate cake, pastries and fruit tart. Guests do not have to leave behind their orders upon exit. They are parcelled nicely in a takeaway manner such that the experience of visiting Ritz stays positively and nicely with the consumers. The Ritz also has provisions of serving tea for birthday celebrations and parties.

The hotel does have dress coat and expects men to be dressed in a tie and a jacket. Women must wear smart casuals. The Ritz offers five servings of tea from 11:30 am to 7:30 pm, and the operations are streamlined and on time so as to ensure that diners do not have to rush through their tea.


2. Claridges, Mayfair

Claridge, Mayfair London

Afternoon tea at Claridges, Mayfair is believed to have a touch of magic associated with it. The hotel essentially offers two servings of tea a day. They are at either of the two locations, at the Foyer, but it is sometimes difficult to find a table over here. The second site is the Reading Room, which is slightly more tucked away.

The warmth as shown by the staff is astounding and the guests are all made to feel like a part of a family. The background music keeps the diners delighted as the pianist plays tunes from 1920s. People also adore the Dale Chihuly chandelier right above.

The menu is extensive and has abundant options to meet customers’ preferences nicely. Darjeeling tea is often referred to as the Champagne of teas. Whenever in a doubt, you must avail the staff’s recommendation for choices that best meet your preferences.

Exquisite bladed sandwiches in many varieties are a Mayfair speciality, and so are the scones, baked freshly in some unique styles such as raisin. You can enjoy them with Marco Polo jam and nicely clotted cream.

Cakes at the hotel are wonderful as well, and one of the most preferred choices include passion fruit chocolate tart. Among the top attractions at the place is a long walk across Hyde Park during evenings, which is believed to add to an exquisitely delightful experience.


3. The Goring Hotel

The Goring Hotel London

Goring Hotel finds the preference of a number of consumers including the Royal Family. The Duchess of Cambridge was here the night before her wedding, and this is also the site where the queen holds the annual staff lunch for Christmas.

A few of the people even believe that there is a secret passageway that links the Goring hotel to Buckingham Palace. The site also has a private garden towards the back, which gives you room to follow your tea with a game of croquet. Among the top attractions for tea in winter months are Swarovski chandeliers that are shaped like a tree and the fireplaces that sound roaring.

Afternoon tea in London is always a rich, traditional affair and apart from the destinations as listed above, a few of the sites for enjoying exquisite afternoon tea include.

  • Ivy Chelsea garden
  • Sketch
  • Fortnum & Mason
  • Senate Room, Royal Academy of Arts
  • Ham Yard Hotel, Soho