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There is a lot to enjoy at Universal Studios in Japan, the halls of Hogwartz as being among the top attractions, which lets you get the feel of the characters. Minions Park is a delight to withhold and entertains tourists for hours.

The theme park lets you experience what it means to be a superman as you zoom across New York skyline. The park also has the world’s largest flying rollercoaster which is themed on Jurassic park.

Theme parks are sometimes seen as a fine source of amusement only for kids. But when at the Universal Studios in Japan, you can find fine moments of fun and recreation for the entire family. It is a fine spot to plan your weekend trip for.

The park is divided into zones, which are:

  1. Hollywood
  2. Universal Wonderland
  3. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  4. Amity Village
  5. Waterworld
  6. Jurassic Park
  7. San Francisco
  8. Minion Park
  9. New York

It also includes a few limited time attractions such as Dragon Ball and Attack on Titan. They are rotated every few months.

Upon exiting the park, it is difficult to forget how much recreation you find at the place. It would be an experience wherein cartoon characters would run past you, you’d have some roller coasters speeding right overhead and there would be cheerful music in the air around. It is difficult to not delight in the surroundings.

Universal Studios in Japan 1

A few of the factors will take you by a pleasant surprise, such as some animation characters you may not have heard of earlier. Even the snacks that are offered around the place may be new for some tourists. But every bit of the experience at the theme park is enjoyable.

Let us take a look at a short itinerary for Universal Studios in Japan that keeps the trip delightful.

You can choose to explore the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. When at peak times, a timed ticket may be required for entering the section which you can get in advance.

You can find some chic souvenirs in here, and buy your own magic wand. You can use it to cast spells around Hogsmeade village.

The meals and desserts are themed on Harry Potter, such as the butter bear ice cream. Tuck shops make you feel like a part of Harry potter movies. They have jelly beans in just about every flavour.

The Hogwarts castle is sure to be one of the top attractions for the visit. It has been named as the world’s best attraction and offers a great simulator ride.

Then in the Jurassic Park section, you got the Jurassic Park ride as well. The Flying Dinosaur is a unique roller coaster ride. You lie horizontally in the air, and it makes you feel as though you’re soaring through the air.

The ride lasts for three full minutes. It includes dropping from a height and swinging around 360o, and is a whole lot of fun.

If you feel hungry, you can always move on for meals at the Straw Hat Grand Fleet Feast Restaurant. The meals are different from what they generally serve at theme parks, and you can look beyond burgers, hot dogs and chips. Fine dishes are available at the place, which looks like a set out of a Hollywood Movie and has a huge dinosaur skeleton right overhead. The food is nice and delicious.

Universal Studios in Japan 2

When at the park, Cool Time Minions Show is another attraction that delights. Minions have laid an impact on Japanese fashion and a number of people wear Minions themed clothing, more at the Universal Studios in Japan than outside. The show delights kids and adults alike, and has a number of large Minions characters dancing around. They are exceedingly friendly and let you click pictures with them. A fine range of Minions merchandise too is available over here.

Studio Stars restaurant gives access to some fine food and the desserts are themed on kids preferred cartoon characters such as Yo-Kai Watch.

RE-BOOORN summer party is another top attraction at the place that has dancers and characters all equipped with water guns. Similarly, there is a ride known as the Hollywood Dream which lets you ride a roller coaster backwards and enjoy the beautiful sights around the place.

At least 30 rides or shows run simultaneously at any time at USJ, making it one of the finest tourist destinations in Asia.