Herbal Tea

herbal Crete

The soil of Crete is so rich and along with the Mediterranean climate provides the ideal environment for some really healthy herbs that can be used for tea. The Cretan herbs are known for their healing and therapeutic effects. In fact, the local people suggest the ideal herbal tea depending on the area or the type of pain. In addition, these blends can also be used for relaxing purposes. Visitors can purchase these amazing herbs as souvenirs in order to remember Crete and enjoy their beneficial effects. Some of the most known Cretan herbal teas include Diktamo, Malorita and the Mountain Sage.


Olive Oil

oil Crete

Olive oil or “liquid gold” as it is commonly known in Crete, is one of the most common souvenirs that visitors take back home. Crete is worldwide known for its extra virgin olive oil that has rich flavor and can be used in almost every recipe. As it forms one of the basic features of the Mediterranean Diet, olive oil is considered as a healthy addition in every meal. Visitors of Crete can find olive oil in different packaging and different quantities in almost every shop. In addition to the oil, it is common to find and purchase the side-products such as soaps with olive oil or paksimadia (rusks) with olive oil.


Cretan Clothing

cretan clothing

Folklore clothing can be a really nice souvenir from Crete. While these clothes maintain their authentic character, they demonstrate a modern twist that can make them wearable and fashionable. All over the Island, visitors can find these folklore clothes in different stores. One of the most notable pieces for men is the infamous black Cretan head scarf, which is a symbol of a man who is proud and honest. Another interesting part of the traditional outfit is the leather handmade boots. These black boots are custom made according to the person who wears them and according to the folklore culture and tradition boots can be worn in everyday life and in special occasions.



ceramics Crete

Pottery art in Crete traces its origins back in antiquity and since then, the people manages to evolve the art and incorporate it into their everyday life. Ceramics can be found in every shop of the Island and form an amazing souvenir from Crete. It is not only that they are handmade and hand painted but it is also the fact that they can represent important parts of the Cretan history. Ceramics can be exceptional representations of the ancient art and can provide important insights regarding the life and the tradition of the Island.



Crete wine

The mild climate that Crete is experiencing allows the growing of tasteful grapes. In turn, the Cretan wine is one of the most known varieties in Greece and in the entire European continent. Visitors can find both, white and red wines and immerse themselves into the exceptional varieties of Cretan wines. Wine tasting is one of the most recommended activities in the Island as locals are really proud of their high quality production. From large vineyards to small tourist shops, Cretan wine is available in almost every corner of the Island. A bottle of wine is a great souvenir to bring back home as it includes the aroma and the taste of Crete.



raki Crete

Raki is probably to most known spirit in Crete. This famous alcoholic beverage is produced by the parts of the grapes that are not used in the wine productions and takes up to six weeks to get distilled. Raki is usually served after a traditional Cretan meal. However, the local people enjoy this tasty drink in almost every occasion irrespective of the time. In Crete, it is typical to serve and welcome guests with a shot of Raki. Therefore, this spirit will be the ideal souvenir in order to welcome your guests back home. It can be found in different sizes and in almost every shop in the Island.



cheese Crete

For the visitors of Crete it is common to choose dairy products as souvenirs, mainly the infamous Cretan cheeses. Among the most popular options are myzithra cheese, feta cheese, anthotiro and gruyere. Visitors who choose cheese as a souvenir are advised to ask the product’s durability depending on their trip. It has to be noted though, that gruyere is among the best options as it can last and preserved for a lot of hours outside the fridge.


Traditional embroidered needlecrafts

Traditional embroidered needlecrafts Crete

Among the most common options of Cretan souvenirs are the traditional embroidered needlecrafts. This interesting art traces its origins in the early 19th century and people are still practicing it in order to preserve its traditional character. In Crete, visitors can find a variety of products that are made with this special technique. Among them, there are rugs, blankets, handkerchiefs, aprons, bags and tablecloths of different sizes and colors. As these products are handmade, visitors can ask for a custom made product that meets their expectations. The authentic traditional embroidered needlecrafts can be found usually in small villages. Among the best destinations to purchase the authentic products are the villages of Anogia, Zoniana, Lasithi and the old town of the city of Chania.