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The Old Town of Chania, Crete

Romantic Destinations in Crete

The Old Town of Chania Crete

The city of Chania provides an irresistible and charming atmosphere when strolling around the Old Town. The Venetian harbour and the well preserved architectural style create a unique atmosphere as the buildings unfold their history. Walking around the narrow streets of the Old Town is a truly sensational and revitalizing experience. Small charming restaurants, bars and cafeterias are ideal for a romantic break during the exploration of the city. For those who seek to add an extra touch of romance, a carriage ride throughout the most notable monuments of the town is the ideal option.


Loutro in Chania, Crete

Romantic Destinations in Crete

loutro Crete

The picturesque small village of Loutro is located close to Sfakia, in the broader region of Chania. This cosmopolitan, yet isolated village forms the perfect backdrop for those visitors who wish to experience the ultimate romantic experience in the Aegean. The village is accessible through the sea, via a boat from Sfakia. Due to the shape of the bay, Loutro is covered from the wind and the beach there is always quiet and calm. Swimming in Loutro is an exceptional experience as the emerald waters and the incredible surroundings create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere. The village of Loutro can be the perfect night out option for a romantic and memorable dinner. Close to the beach, visitors can find small and traditional restaurants with exceptional service and mouth-watering flavours.


Falassarna, Crete

Romantic Destinations in Crete

Falassarna Crete

In what regards sunsets, Crete has a lot of spots where visitors can fall in love with. Among the most charming locations, Falassarna beach can be chosen as one of the most exceptional viewpoints. This particular beach can be found in Kissamos at the West side of the Island. The beach is a popular location among both, visitors and locals who wish to enjoy the mystery and the magic of a sunset. The crystal clear and blue waters of the sea acquire an irresistible palette of colours as the sun drops into the sea. Sunset at Falassarna is definitely a must experience that enhances romance and creates long lasting memories.


The Old Town of Rethymno, Crete

Romantic Destinations in Crete

rethymno Crete

Rethymno city combines elements of both, the medieval and the renaissance period. This outstanding combination is perfectly illustrated in the Old Town of Rethymno which during the recent years has gradually evolved into a popular wedding destination around the world. The flawless romance and the irresistible atmosphere that the Old Town has capture everyone’s attention and make visitors to fall in love. Narrow streets, warm welcoming people, a variety of historical and religious monuments and arched alleys are some of the elements that make the Old Town of Rethymno an impeccable romantic destination. Visitors can enjoy walking around the streets and observe breath-taking views over the Cretan Sea from the harbour.


Triopetra Beach, Crete

Romantic Destinations in Crete

triopetra Crete

At the southern part of Rethymno city, visitors can explore the impeccable beauty of Triopetra village. This unspoiled settlement includes an exceptional beach with grey sand which is surrounded by nature. The bay is the ideal gateway for couples who wish to enjoy a quiet and lazy day away from the crowds. The village as well as the beach took their names from the three rocks that are found on the one side of the bay, as Triopetra means the three rocks. This secluded location provides an erotic atmosphere as the sun light is reflected on the imposing rocks that guard the bay. A couple of small and charming restaurants can be found there for a delightful candlelit meal. In addition, the beach has a beach bar where visitors can enjoy refreshing cocktails and a huge variety of exceptional drinks. For those who seek an extra touch of romance, isolation and adventure there is a small cove just behind the three rocks. This small sandy bay is surrounded by interesting and peculiar rocky formations that create the ideal romantic backdrop.


Agiofarago Beach, Crete

Romantic Destinations in Crete

agiofarago Crete

In the broader region of Heraklion, visitors can explore one of the most secluded, unspoiled and isolated beach in Crete. Agiofarago is situated in a short distance from the infamous Matala beach however the difficult access to this beach makes it a hidden gem and a well-kept secret. In fact, the beach can be found in a steep canyon and features a fine pebbly terrain with crystal clear turquoise waters. Those who are interested can reach the beach either by boat or by enjoying a 20-minute hiking route through a beautiful gorge. Agiofarago is the ultimate location for couples as the beauty of nature along with the isolated beach form an excellent spot for a memorable experience.


Zaros Village, Crete

Romantic Destinations in Crete

zaros Crete

The village Zaros in Heraklion can be the ideal option for those who wish to experience the countryside of Crete and breath-taking mountain views. The village can be found 45km south of Heraklion close to the outskirts of the infamous Psiloritis Mountain. The settlement is a popular destination for the nature lovers as it is surrounded by the spectacular green scenery of the forest. Zaros village features a lake where visitors can enjoy romantic afternoon walks and feed the ducks and the fishes. In a close distance, couples can enjoy hiking in Rouvas forest which is one of the biggest forests in Crete. The village has a variety of amenities that meet even high ends expectation. Several dining options are available that are able to satisfy all individual tastes. The restaurants are serving authentic Cretan recipes and include an amazing wine list with local wines.


Elounda, Crete

Romantic Destinations in Crete

elounda night Crete

Elounda is a must entry in the list with the best romantic destinations in Crete for a number of reasons. This beautiful location is among the most cosmopolitan spots on the Island. Couples choose Elounda due to the amazing beaches that can be found there. From busy to quiet, Elounda has a variety of beaches to meet every individual interest. The area has some of the best restaurants in Crete with exceptional menu entries accompanied with a high level service. Couples can swim in the emerald waters and enjoy long romantic walks right next to the beach during morning and night.