Tuscany is one of the finest avenues to escape the fast life of Rome and Milan. It was pretty recently that an adaptation of ‘Under the Tuscany Sun’ was released. Tuscany then made a place in our minds as a destination full of romance, olives, chianti wines and aromatic cooking.

For an exquisitely scenic overview of the Italian countryside, there might be no better destination to look at but Tuscany. The same is highlighted by medieval castles that were then made into wineries and are now hotels. When in Tuscany, you can expect to come across exquisite cypress trees over beautiful cascading hills. Spending time at vineyards is a heavenly experience. It is believed that in Tuscany, time seems to slow down.


2. Paris


Paris has an unforgettable ambiance and is also known as the city of lights. Tourists frequent the place every year in millions. The cuisines over here are divine and so are the art collections. Through the city runs the River Seine and a tourist also comes across churches that are centuries old, and gets a chance to overview architecture in neoclassic designs. Cascading trees and glowing streetlamps make Paris a sight to behold. The bridges are graceful and Seine’s cobbled walks are further a delight. You can also expect Parisians to be dressed in tune with the latest of fashion trends.

Paris is rightfully known as the city of ‘many splendours’. You must make it a point to visit the boutiques of Le Marais and check out the view atop Eiffel tower.


3. Florence


Florence is a small city within the Tuscan hills and has a historically rich heritage. It is the wellspring of Renaissance that inspired artists such as Michelangelo and Brunelleschi. There are a number of stylish shops at Via Tornabuoni and Italians are all dressed very well, else a visit to Florence is a date with the 14th century. While Renaissance art inspires a visit, so do breathtaking sunsets and Italian cooking.


4. Amalfi Coast

amalfi coast

Amalfi Coast is close to heaven on earth and the view at the place is spellbinding. The destination welcomes around 5 million visitors each year. A UNESCO heritage site, Amalfi coast is located in Campania region of Italy and stretches around 34 miles across the terrain.

You can expect to come across vibrant vegetation across high coastal cliffs and towns in a range of bright colours on either side. Turquoise waters of the Mediterranean takes all tourists by sheer delight. The SS163 highway is believed to be one of the most scenic drives in the world.


5. Rome


Rome is the city of 7 hills and has a mythic beginning associated with it. It was founded by the twin brothers Romulus and Remus who were raised by a she-wolf and their father was a war God. Vatican City which is nearby is mysterious and there also is an intriguing mystery about the pastas that are served at trattorias. A visit to Rome is sure to be an enchanting experience.

Art enthusiasts’ paradise, when in Rome, you can expect to come across structures like Pantheon and Roman Forum, Vatican museums and dozens of churches. Rome is a very modern city as well, with classic restaurants and shining designer storefronts.


6. Santorini


Owing to a volcanic eruption in 1650 BC, a single island was divided into fragments which we now know as Santorini in Greece. The breathtaking view which involves whitewashed homes is an unforgettable sight.

When at Santorini, a tourist can come across high energy beaches which are prime party locations and in contrast with the quiet beaches perfect for relaxing and taking long walks. The place has a lot to offer for lovers of snorkelling and scuba diving. Breathtaking hikes and cruise ships, it is all there at Santorini.


7. Cinque Terre

cinque terre

Cinque Terre translates to five lands, and refers to five towns across Northwest Italy’s Lingurian coast. The site is known for a vibe which is laid back, and the olives and wine found over here are delicious. The destination is now a national park and also a UNESCO heritage site. If you love to go sightseeing by foot, Cinque Terre is the destination to try out.


8. Corfu


Corfu in Greece has been used as the site for epic tales, as told by Homer and Shakespeare. The simplicity of the destination adds to its charm. Lush green landscapes and scent of citrus from the groves in vicinity are excellent stress busters. Beaches of Ionian Sea are reasonably close to paradise on earth. Apart from quiet beaches, historical and religious attractions demark the place as one of the top honeymoon destinations.


9. Nice


For a high culture seeker who adores beaches and historical sites, Nice is a top tourist destination. The ambience is built by palm trees and pastel coloured buildings. Twisted streets and Broque churches never fail to mesmerize. In the prime port town in French Riviera, onion shaped domes of St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral is among the many top attractions.


10. Sicily

sicily villas to rent

Sicily is a tropical island in Italy, recognized for its gentle shores, sparkling waters, and spurting volcanoes emitting steam at a distance. The scene is accentuated by lush green hills and ruins from times immemorial.

While the seafood is divine, so are pastas and sweet wines. Sicily has a rich nightlife as well and is essentially full of life.