Top Sailing Destinations in Croatia - Part 1 | Traveler by Unique

Across the centuries, the exquisite coastline of Croatia has invited a large number of sailors and traders to its shores. It has now become a prime sailing destination in the world for tourists who love to sail. Sailing and visit to the destination, both account for a rich and fulfilling travelling experience. You can enjoy shopping and sightseeing at the place and also find a scenic destination for a delightful holiday.

Here is a nice list of the best of harbours and anchorages in Central Adriatic.


1. Dubrovnik

dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik encompasses a rich history within itself which dates back right to the 7th century. The city, along with Venice then used to be under Ottoman rule.

In 1808, Dubrovnik was won by Napolean. It is now known as the pearl of Adriatic. You can also make the old town a part of your itinerary if you rent a sailing boat.


2. MLjet National Park

MLjet National Park Croatia

MIjet is a huge island for sailing down to. Western part of the island is a national park. If you choose to anchor your boat in Pomena or Polace, you’d have to purchase a ticket to the national park.

This is one of the prime destinations for sightseeing. Towards the centre of the park are a couple of beautiful salt water lakes. You will also come across a well-maintained Benedictine monastery.

When at the lake, you can bike down right to the spot wherein the lakes meet the sea, and the vacation is the kind that ensures peace and tranquillity along with rich sightseeing and unique flora and fauna.


3. Korcula

korcula Croatia

Korcula comes across as one of the top sailing destinations in Croatia because of its beautiful historical past. The destination is the birthplace of Marco Polo. Towards the very centre of Korcula is Korcula ACI marina. This displays a rich Venetial influence which extends to old houses and city walls alike.

The destination is ideal for lovers of history, nightlife and nature, particularly for the summers. A tourist can stay over for over a day over here, and the archipelago near Korcula comprises of the islands of Badija, Vrnik and Lumbarda. It is one of the top sailing destinations for an itinerary.


4. Lastovo

lastovo Croatia

A nature park, the island of Lastovo is now open to tourists. You can now reach Jurjevo Luka for anchoring of your boat. This earlier used to be a military port.

Zakopatica and Lucica are some of the fine spots for anchoring. They let you have easy access to Lastovo, well recognized for its jazz concerts.

Lastovo winter carnival is another well recognized attraction. The village has delightful chimneys. Streets in Lastovo are characterised by the spirit of older times.


5. VIS

vis Croatia

VIS once used to be a significant military centre in the Adriatic, for centuries at a stretch. By getting possession to VIS, it was possible to monitor entire Adriatic. It is much loved tourist destination now. When you anchor at VIS, you can also visit the Maritime museum and Komiza, which is the fishing museum. Some of the other top destinations at the site are the Cave of Tito. Similarly Bisevo, an island nearby is well known for its Blue Cave. A very popular day trip to the island is Stiniva bay, which is towards the southern part of the island.


6. Hvar

hvar Croatia

When sailing from Vis or Korcula on to Split, it is a fine idea to stop at Hvar, a much preferred sailing destination for summers, very often frequented by charted and private sailing boats alike.

Hvar is towards the southern part of the island and is well recognised for its night life and clean expanse of sea. Right ahead of Hvar are Pakleni islands, which are fine swimming destinations for both locals and tourists. Palmizana ACI marina is an attraction at the site, well connected by taxi boats to Hvar.


7. Split

split Croatia

Split is essentially an urban town which is also a historic destination and is over 2000 years old. The people have maintained the palace towards the centre of the city right since the older times. ACI marina is at a walking distance of 10 minutes from the centre.

This is a prime destination to visit for history lovers, and a selection of excellent restaurants as well. You can also spend time shopping and go through a few of the galleries that are close to marina.


8. Kornati National Park

Kornati National Park Croatia

In tourist brouchers, the national park of Kornati is often referred to as nautical paradise. It has 89 islands, and cruising in midst of them has a uniquely exciting. As an example the island of Piskera is uninhabited. The cruise also lets you take a look at islets and lighthouses in the vicinity.