In this article you will find some of the main traditional dishes of the Maldives. If you want to try eating the true foods of the Maldives you will definitely want to feast on the following treats.


Banana Flower Salad (Boshi mashuni)

Banana Flower Salad

A crunchy fresh salad made from shredded banana flower and coconut, spiced with curry, turmeric, lime and chilies. This salad is packed with flavours and ingredients from the lands and is commonly served in restaurants and a country wide favourite.


Fish Soup (Garudhiya)

Garudhiya - fish soup

This traditional dish is consumed daily by the majority of Maldavians. Smoked tuna is cooked in a broth with onion and spices. Generally the pieces of tuna are left large and the soup is served with rice. To season the soup and the rice it is recommended to use chilli and fresh lime juice.


Sweetened Sticky Rice (Handulu Bondibai)

Sweetened Sticky Rice (Handulu Bondibai)

This sweet treat is made on special occasions. Rice is cooked with sugar water, rose water and coconut cream making it a thick texture. People add cinnamon sticks and cardamon for extra flavour. When made for a special occasion it is made in huge batches so the family can share with other families and loved ones.




Maldivian lobster cooked live is the way to go. The lobster meat paired with melted butter or freshly squeezed lemon is a delightful treat that you wont want to miss. You will find fresh lobster in any of the big resorts and restaurants as well as seafood shacks which line many of the more populated islands beaches.


Kulhi Boakibaa

Kulhi Boakibaa

A large fish cake or tuna pie, that is made from smoked tuna, rice, ginger, onions and coconut. Coffee shops often serve it by the slice or it can be found in many of the restaurants during holidays throughout the year. This is a favorite for travellers who often find a recipe and re-create this dish at home.


Fish Curry

Fish curry

Fish curry is made from skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, wahoo and other fish that can be caught in the Maldives. It is made to be creamy with a kick of spice. It is served almost anywhere you go as it is a popular dish and you will find it made with different levels of spice, added vegetables and chillies. Curries are served with rice, and roshi.