A destination that offers fine wine in combination with great food is sure to tickle the senses and spark happiness. Here is a list of the finest wine destinations in the world.


1. La Champagne, France

La Champagne, France

Champagne is one of the UNESCO heritage sites and also has a number of historic towns in the vicinity. The town is known for its breathtaking landscapes and vineyards that extend to as far the eyes can see. It is one of the most adored destinations in France.

There is more to the region than its wine, but it is known at all places for producing the finest Champagne. The site also offers the best of medieval architecture, even as you enjoy numerous glasses of champagne at champagne houses. A few of the highlights of the visit will be Reims, for its gothic Notre-Dame de Cathedral which has 2,300 statues. World heritage cave cellars over here are naturally abundant with a yellow glow. The discovery of Champagne goes beyond the top brands in the town.


2. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is a pretty destination in southwestern France well recognized for its production of fine wine. Bordeaux countryside is a sight to withhold and has a number of chateaux and vineyards, with Chateau Margaux being the most famous amongst them. If you go to St. Emilion and tour one of the wineries in the region, you can sample wine to your preference.

Bordeaux also has a lot to offer for sightseeing wherein we see modern architecture combining seamlessly with the historic. The markets are a must-attend destination and the stand out landmarks form a major attraction as well. The town also has a famous wine museum which was set up over the recent years and is a must-visit attraction for history lovers.

The culinary delights of the region leave tourists spellbound. Rue Huguerie is lying in the heart of the city and is a fine den for trying out delightful cheeses. Cheeses are served by rounds in a few of the cafes, and the most loved dishes include raw milk Camembert. On the way, you just might come across places that serve over 100 varieties of cheeses.


3. Slovenia


Slovenia is one of the top wine producing countries in the world. An interesting fact in this regard is that they do not export much of the wine they produce and consume it by themselves, which should be a fine testimony for their wines!

The nation is also known to be the home to some of the finest old wine in the world. Three of their top wine producing regions are Drava, Littoral and Lower Sava. Even as you take a pick of the spot that you’d like to explore, you’d come across some lip-smacking home cooked food along the way. Lakes Bohinj and Bled are classy sites for delightful views of the destination in the city of Maribor, which produces just around 100 bottles of wine a year.


4. Stellenbosch, South Africa

Stellenbosch, South Africa

South Africa is better known for its safaris than vineyards, but the city of Stellenbosch is recognized for a wine producing heritage which dates back to over 300 years. It is not just fabulous wine which makes your trip memorable, but also a whole lot of trivia and legendary tales which come as a part and parcel of the trip.

A day trip from Cape Town can be a fine idea for enjoying the wines to the fullest in Stellenbosch, but the location has over 140 vineyards in total. You can also choose to stop over at the site for a day or two and make the most of the numerous wine experiences that Stellenbosch offers. This includes a blending class at the Middelvlei wine estate. The class accommodates kids as well, and they try out the mixing with grape juice instead of wine.

Just like the wines, their food is splendid as well. A must try out combination is chocolate with wine, which is believed to be one of the most magnificent combinations ever.


5. Tuscany, Italy


Tuscany in Italy is one of the finest scenic destinations in the world with its hills and cypress trees. History of the place is a combination of with Roman, Phoenician and Renaissance influences.

Italy is recognized not just for the best of the wines, but also the superb culinary experiences that it offers. A classic example of the same is old world wines along with exotic morsels.

Chianti is a spot that offers a host of wine-related stuff to do in the mountains and reflects the vintage flavor of Italy.

The destinations give fine ideas to select from for an out of the ordinary wine tourism for the season!