White sand beaches are everywhere in Seychelles and sports like diving and snorkelling are very popular. The destination also makes a fine spot for a tourist who just intends to relax at a beach.

Seychelles is one of the finest dream holiday destinations in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the prime attractions that it offers.


A visit to the beaches

beach Seychelles

Anse la Farine is one of the most beautiful beaches at Seychelles. The numbers of visitors are a few, except for the people at the island of Parslin. The site is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and windsurfing. But it is preferable to go through the wind charts before visiting the beach. While a boat is often the only way to visit the island, private transportation can also be arranged. The beach of Anse Lazio is another beautiful destination and is ideal for relaxation. It is an exceedingly scenic site. A few of the sights that make the beaches of Seychelles unique are the granite boulders at the place. Beautiful sunsets never fail to delight the tourists. The beaches are ideal for taking long walks with the nice view of the waves. The fine, white rollers are a sight to behold.


Aride Island natural reserve

Aride Island natural reserve Seychelles

When at Seychelles, you must make it a point to visit the Aride Island Natural Reserve. The site is representative of untouched beauty of nature, and has at any point of time over a million seabirds, from at least 10 species, five of which are exclusive to Seychelles.

The only way to access the reserve is by boats which belong to them, because other transportation is not permitted over here. From Monday through to Friday, the island is open for tourists. But there are times from May to September entry to the reserve is blocked because of the strong surf that makes it difficult to boat.


Go for a walk in Vallee de Mai on Parslin

Vallee de Mai on Parslin Seychelles

Vallee de Mai is a UNESCO world heritage site, and is often depicted to be a primeval forest. It has clusters of over 4,000 coco de mer palms that are exclusive to Seychelles. You can expect to find exotic wildlife, such as Seychellois bulbul and black parrots over here.


A visit to Victoria

mahe Seychelles

Victoria is a small town in Mahe and is a very scenic site. It is among the smallest capitals in the world. The homes are Creole style, and a cluster of roads surround them. At Victoria, a tourist comes across a clock tower, and the place is also known for spices, vegetables and a lovely temple.


Bicentennial Monument

Bicentennial Monument Seychelles

The Bicentennial monument too is one of the must visit sites in Seychelles. This was bought into prominence by Lorenzo Appiani, an Italian artist. It was erected in the year 1978, in the honour of bicentenary celebrations at the town of Victoria.

The site is highlighted by three pairs of wings that signify the origins of the people of Seychelles. They have their roots in the continents of Africa, Asia and Europe. The monument is easily accessible by foot or car.


The coconut plantation in La Digue

coconut plantation in La Digue Seychelles

When you go and visit the L’Union estate, you’d come across an ox powered oil extraction machines. Anse Source D’Argent nearby is one of the finest beaches in the world.


Take a boat trip to Cousin Island and St. Pierre

Cousin Island Seychelles

One of the conservation success stories in the world is Cousin Island, and various NGOs from Seychelles have made efforts to keep the site as it is. This enables endangered species like magpie robins and reptiles to thrive. An attraction at the site is baby giant tortoise pens and a walk through the mango forest that has been preserved.


Go hiking at Copolia Trail and Morne Blanc Trail

hiking Seychelles

The starting point of the trek of Morne Blanc is right above a tea plantation and it covers a part of North-central Mahe. You can also take a look at the tea plantation, along with processing and packaging methods at the factory on the way. Along the trek, tea bushes make way for mosses and ferns. You can then come across the view of Port Launay Marine Park.

When at the Copolia trial, the initial decent through cinnamon and rubber tree forest seems pleasant. The hikers then come across the Glacis rock which is then exposed. Exotic plants, such as the vacoa and pitcher plant can be found in abundance at the scenic trek. 90 minutes a side are often sufficient for trekkers.