The most inhabitable islands in Seychelles are La Digue, Parslin and Mahe. Kate Middleton and Prince William too went for their honeymoon to Seychelles.

When at Seychelles, you can spend hours at a stretch enjoying the uniquely refreshing combination of sun, sand and sea. With fine weather round the year, any time is a good time to visit Seychelles.

The visit to Seychelles is sure to be marked with fine lodging facilities, scenic beaches with white sands, beautiful forests, and the vibrant culture of the land. The people are friendly and the nightlife breathtaking. The nature treks are a fine avenue for adventure lovers, and water sports snorkelling and scuba diving keep the adrenaline levels high. Seychelles also comes across as a foodies’ paradise, wherein you can try out delicacies from Creole cuisine, which are deeply influenced by Orient, Indian and French influences. The destination is seldom crowded.

Let’s take a list of top things to do for honeymoon in Seychelles.


1. A visit to Marine National park

Marine National park Seychelles

As a part of the island hopping, a visit to the Marine National Park at the Curieuse Island makes way to the tourists’ itinerary. At the turtle sanctuary, you can feed giant turtles and see them roam around freely. You’d also come across a number of birds and animals that are exclusive to the region, and the nature trail is fun, exciting and special. The island also has a beautiful beach that is ideal for long and relaxing walks.


2. Morne Seychellois National Park

Morne Seychellois National Park Seychelles

A characteristic feature of the Morne Seychellois National Park is that it covers over 20% of the island of Mahe, and is characterised by lush greenery. Morne Seychellois is also the highest peak in Seychelles. It is surrounded on all sides by rainforests and granite peaks. If you like to hike, the trek at Morne Blanc with its scenic views makes a fine alternative to try out.

The place is excellent spot for nature lovers, and you are sure to come across a range of rare flora and fauna along the way. The view from amidst the clouds and mountains is the icing on the cake. Depending upon your preference, you can make an excursion for half day or a full day.


3. Go fishing

fishing Seychelles

Seychelles is a fine spot to practice the pastime of fishing, at the shores of the three prime islands at the destination. The odds of catching a rainbow runner or a silver bonefish are high.

The experience promises to be fun and memorable for seasoned fishermen and amateurs alike. The options available at your disposal include fishing in shallow waters or in deep waters by renting a trawler.


4. Island Hopping

hopping Seychelles

A day spent island hopping is a worthy investment when in Seychelles. At the destinations, you can spend time relaxing in the sun, swimming and snorkelling. Island hopping is also fun because each of the distinct islands offers a distinctive overview of the culture and history of Seychelles. Some of the key islands to visit from Mahe are Cerf Island, La Digue, Praslin, Bird Island and Fregate.


5. Adventure sports and zip lining

zip lining Seychelles

For a thrill seeking couple, few adventure sports match the thrill of zip lining. Apart from zip lining through the jungle, you’d come across avenues for rock climbing as well.


6. Go sailing in a luxury yatch

sailing Seychelles

Luxury yatches make a fine choice for a honeymoon couple, and selections for good live aboard yatches are available in Seychelles. They give you a great roundabout view of the island landscapes in the country. The crew can guide you to the finest of the spots at the place. You could also try out snorkelling and kayaking at the stoppages.


7. Scuba diving

scuba Seychelles

Scuba diving comes across as a fine adventure sport when in Seychelles owing to some of the most attractive coral reefs in the world which remain intact. At a few of the places, snorkelling too can help check out the coral reefs. When scuba diving, you’d come across the exotic sea fauna, such as turtles and multi coloured fishes, which are always present in waters close to the island. You can take a look at the turtles make their way to the beach. Gorgonian fan corals that are found at the site are astounding.

Experiences that you come across in Seychelles are versatile, and the country offers sufficient scope for all types of honeymooning couples. With the scenic beauty in Seychelles, it is a photographer’s delight and you can treasure your beautiful honeymoon memories as digital photographs at the exquisitely romantic getaway.