When in Morocco, these villas will offer some fine options for lodging. While they ensure an exceedingly positive experience for you while you stay lasts, they are also located conveniently close to a number of tourist spots, and make a fine option for putting up for a stay. Irrespective of your requirements, be it a business meeting, a trip for the community or housing for guests at a marriage function, the villas comfortably accommodate the guests, meet the unique requirements and keep the stay comfortable for your guests.


Ezzahra Estate

Morocco, Marrakesh


Ezzahra estate is located in a prime area in Marrakech. It comprises of three luxury villas, and is just a 15 minutes drive down from Medina.

At the villa, you’d find 20,000 m2 of nicely maintained gardens, landscaped and abundant with olive, orange and pomegranate trees.

The three villas at the estate are Villa Ezzahra, Villa Alkhozama and Villa Azzaytouna. They can comfortably sleep 14, 4 and 6 guests. The houses nevertheless are independent entities, and have their own luxury swimming pools and gardens.

While the villas have their own staff for caretaking and cooking, you can choose to hire your own staff as well. Including the owner’s pavilion living space, the three villas can easily house 26 guests in total.

The stay at Ezzahara estate comes with some refined services for you, including treatments at a world class spa, a chauffeur service throughout Marrakesh which include shuttling to the airport, and refreshments such soft drinks and snacks.

Our cook keeps your guests delighted with daily menu of variable Moroccan delicacies. The lighter European dishes to form a part of the menu, and the kids’ dishes delight them endlessly.

A few of the choices for entertaining the guests include pool table of a full size, a couple of small theatres and DVD library with a number of choices at your disposal. There are is an abundant selection of board games for kids as well. The properties enable wi-fi connectivity.

The location of the estate too makes it a fine property for your trip. It is just a 15 minute drive from Medina and souks, and a 12 minute drive from Menara airport. While at the estate, you can enjoy camel riding, horseriding, golf and go carting.

Guides for showing around in Marrakesh can also be easily arranged by the staff, and so can day trips to nearby attractions such as the Atlas Mountains.

Rates: 11.906€/nt - 11.906€/nt

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Dar Sayang Villa

Morocco, Marrakesh

dar-sayang villa Morocco

Dar Sayang Villa has been made in a contemporary architecture style and is just a 10 minute drive from Medina in Marrakesh. You can comfortably relax at the villa after a pleasing journey to Marrakesh, in peace and calm of nature.

The villa makes a preferable choice for a meeting with friends, or when you put up with your loved ones. Its location is another very catchy high about the villa, and it offers a breathtaking view of the Atlas Mountain and its snowy peaks.

A stay at the Dar Sayang is luxurious living at its best. The site has a private hammam, a fitness room and sound systems, both within and outside the complex. Some of the other attractions include a television in each of the 5 bedrooms and private terraces. Reversible air conditioning, housekeeping, central heating and a fireplace keep you comfortable for your stay. Electronic safety and an alarm system ensure additional security for the guests.

Rates: 1.063€/nt - 1.500€/nt

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Dar Sabra

Morocco, Marrakesh


Dar Sabra would be a hotel of choice if you adore futuristic architecture and have a passion for cubist designs and art pieces. The location offers fine comfort for residents. At 10 minutes drive from Marrakesh, it offers serenity from the hustle and bustle of the city. The gardens at the hotel expand to over 2 hectares, and the site has over 60 artworks created by world renowned artists. The location is listed among the most beautiful homes in the world. A few of the décor attractions include an architectural arch by Mauro Saccioli.

The Dar Sabra hotel has 21 accommodation units in total, of variable sizes. A few of the selections have their own private swimming pools and gardens. A high tech gym, clay tennis court and relaxation therapies bring more delight to your stay.

Rates: 3.750€/nt - 3.750€/nt

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Ezzahra pavilion

Morocco, Marrakesh

Ezzahra Estate Morocco

The Ezzahra pavilion comprises of three luxury villas that can accommodate 26 guests in total. It offers fine attractions for your stay, including private swimming pools and terraces, landscaped gardens, olive groves, spa treatments, spacious accommodations, chauffeured services, segregated menu options and excellent housekeeping.

The team of 17 housekeepers is headed by Maria, the estate manager who also organizes excursions to the city, day trips and shopping trips.

Rates: 787€/nt - 787€/nt

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