Coron Island

coron island Philippines

This island has some of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. The beaches are pristine and there are several sites to see. Atwayan beach and Smith beach are both great places to spend the day enjoying the scenery. The waters are known as some of the best diving spots in the Philippines because there are several Japanese shipwrecks located around the island. The natural Maquinit hot springs are a worth a visit as well as the St. Augustin Church, Green lagoon, coral gardens and the Quins reef.


Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park Philippines

You will need a boat to visit this incredible place. Located in the Sulu Sea is 97,030 hectares of coral reefs, lagoons, islands, and a 100 meter wall. This is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Asia. There is so much happening under the waters as there are whales, dolphins, sharks and over 500 species of fish living here. The easiest way to get to the reefs is from Puerto Princesa City, where you will find many places offering tours or boat rides to and from the reefs.


Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills Philippines

There are over 1700 hills deposited with coral which cover over 50 square kilometres. The hills are covered in thick grass which is green during the rainy season, and then they turn brown in the dry season, making them look like a giant box of chocolates.The hills hold a well known legend of two giants. There is a beautiful mountain resort at the top of the hill which is the best place to get a view of the hills.


Secret Lagoon Beach

Secret Lagoon Beach Philippines

A hidden beach with clear waters waiting for you to explore, the secret lagoon beach is a treat away from the city. The small beach is backed by large rock formations, and jungle. The rock formations proceed into the water causing small caves and caverns for snorkelers and divers to admire. The water runs cooler than the other bodies of water around it as it is surrounded by shadows and shade. To enter the lagoon itself you will have to swim or crawl through a hole in the rock formation to get inside. The beach beside the lagoon is also popular for people to visit as the scenery around it is breathtaking.


Panglao Island

Panglao Island Philippines

If you are looking for picturesque white sandy beaches and clear blue waters you will find that at Dumaluan Beach on the island. The shallow waters make it easy for visitors to see sea life as they wade in the ocean and the birds are chirping in the palm trees on the beach. With a private feeling you will not see any boats at this beach as they are not granted access. The island also has the Hinagdanan Caves which are worth checking out, and bring a flashlight to get the best out of your experience. There is the Bohol Bee farm, the 5 story bell Watchtower and the shell museum. Scuba diving and snorkelling are also popular as the sea is the home to many tropical fish and turtles. You will be delighted at all the restaurants serving freshly caught seafoods and fresh fruits around the beaches and through out the town.


Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu is located in Mindanao and is a popular place for tourists and locals to visit when they want to unwind and relax. Surrounding the calm waters of the lake you will find hills and valleys covered in rain Forrest. The lake supplies Tilapia which is important for the economy. Other than relaxing at the lake, the town offers several other things to do such as; the local museum, cave exploring, zip lining and many restraints and pubs to finish your day at.

These are just a few of the amazing sites you will see on your travels. Once you have arrived and settled in, you can be guided to other hot spots and beautiful places by locals or by word of mouth. Let yourself explore the natural beauty of the Philippines to its fullest and soak in everything it has to offer.